What Are Automated Queries? Reasons & Solutions

Have you ever gotten this error message while trying to solve a captcha?

Your computer or network may send automated queries. To protect our users, we can not process your request right now. For more details visit our help page

In this article, I will show you what you need to do to resolve this but before I get started, you should understand what the problem is and why you are getting the problem.

What is an Automated Query?

An Automated query is a request created from malware, viruses, or an installed program sent to a server, program, or a computer. . Taskbar not hiding: solutions. [Why Is My Taskbar Not Hiding? Reasons and Solutions](https://bestsoltips.com/why-is-my-taskbar-not-hiding/) can help you troubleshoot the issue and provide solutions to get your taskbar back to normal. Such a request is nothing for you to be worried about because there’s a simple solution that would fix the problem.

Reasons Why Your Computer or Network is Sending Automated Queries

You are getting this error because Google detects that a device on your network is sending automated traffic to Google which is against their terms of service.

How To Stop Your Computer or Network Sending Automated Queries

Here’s what you need to do,

1. Use a Different Browser

There’s a chance your current browser is the cause for the automated query, try using another browser. Here’s are some free browser you should consider using, Simply download and install any of the browsers listed above on your computer.

2. Clear Your Browser’s Data

Your browser’s data includes cache and cookies. Here’s how to clear them, 1. Click on option at your top right-hand corner in your browser.
browser options
2. Among the options, choose settings.
browser settings
3. Navigate to the Privacy & Security section.
browser privacy and security
4. Click on clear browsing data.
clear browser data
5. Make sure you are on the advanced tab.
clear browsing data advanced tab
6. Set time range to all time.
browser data time range
7. Now check the box beside cookies and other site data and cached images and files.
clearing browser cache and cookies
8. Click on clear data.
Clear data
After you are done clearing your browser cache and cookies, you should try to see if your captcha problem is resolved. If you are still having issues, the you go ahead to clear cache files on your computer.

3. Disable Browser Extensions

The idea here is to disable all your browser extension and then enabling them one after the other while trying the captcha. Here’s how to get to your extensions, 1. Click on options in your web browser.
browser options
2. Select more tools.
browser tools
3. Choose extensions.
browser extensions
4. Toggle off all your extensions.
toggle icon

4. Reload the Web Page

You might be entering the right captcha after several wrong trials which could lead the captcha to expire. A simple reload would resolve this. There are three ways to reload a browser web page:

First Way

Click on the rotation icon beside your URL.
reload browser with rotation icon

Second Way

Right click on the web page and click on reload.
reload browser with right click

Third Way

Press Ctrl + R on your keyboard to reload the web page.
reload browser with key command

5. Restart Your Modem or Router

The problem could be coming from your modem or router and restarting it should help you resolve the captcha problem. I’ll show you how to properly restart a single modem and modem with separate Wifi router. Here’s how,

Single Modem

1. Remove the power plug and batteries from your modem. 2. Reinsert the batteries and reconnect the power cord after 60 sec. 3. Hold on for 2 minutes to let the modem power up. 4. Try the captcha again

Modem with Separate Wifi Router

1. Remove power cord and batteries for both the modem and Wifi router. 2. Hold on for 60 sec before you reinsert the battery and reconnect the power cord to your modem and wifi router. 3. Again, hold on for 2 minutes for your device to power up. 4. Check the captcha to see if your problem is resolved.

6. Connect to a Different Network

In some cases, your internet service provider could be the cause to why your computer or network is sending automated queries. In a situation like this, all you have to do is change your ISP and then ty the captcha again. You don’t have to subscribe to a new internet service to test with a different network. All you have to do is to connect to a friend or family’s Wifi that has a different network from yours and then you can try the captcha again to see if it has stopped sending queries.

7. Disable or Uninstall Any VPN

There are times when Virtual Private Network (VPN) doesn’t work for some website and this can be the reason why you are getting the query error. If you are using a VPN of any kind on your computer, you should disconnect from it to have a chance to fix your captcha. When the captcha gives you the error message again after disconnecting, you should uninstall the VPN if it’s a program on your computer. If the VPN you use is a browser extension, then you should disable and delete the extension before trying the captcha again. You should also check if the Wifi you connected is using a VPN for you to know so you can connect to another Wifi that has a plain network.

8. Solve the Captcha

As annoying as that error may seem, the answer to solving the problem has been right in front of you. All you have to do is to solve the captcha. It’s ok if you have challenges when it comes to solving a captcha, Google has already provided a guide to you solve a captcha.

9. Update Your Browser

An outdated browser can result in complex problems when dealing with updated google features. The reason is that Google might have changed their terms and services that your outdated browser doesn’t abide with. A simple way to update your browser is to simply download an updated version of the browser from the official website and install in on your computer. Here is the help to know about saving tabs in the browser!

10. Scan Your PC for Malware

A virus or malicious program could be responsible for the error and being able to detect and removing such programs could help you fix the problem. Here’s how to scan for malware on your computer with windows defender, 1. Sear for virus and threat protection in in windows search.
2. Click on virus & threat protection from the result.
virus and threat protection windows search result
3. Click on scan options.
scan options in windows settings
4. Select full scan.
full san in windows search result
5. Now, select scan now.
windows defender full scan
6. Restart your computer after scanning is complete.

11. Contact Your Network Administrator

If you have tried every method provided in this article and you are still getting the captcha error, you should contact your service provider. They could be responsible for the problem.
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