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If you are here, it’s likely that you are facing issues with your microphone while using your Dell computer. Not to worry, we understand how frustrating it can be when your microphone malfunctions during an important call or meeting.

At Dell, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience when it comes to our products. We understand that a malfunctioning microphone can cause inconvenience and affect productivity, which is why we have put together this article to help you troubleshoot and fix the issue.

In this article, we will guide you through some common fixes for Dell Microphone not working so that you can get back to using your computer without any interruptions.

Checking Your Microphone Settings

Have you been experiencing issues with your Dell microphone? If so, don’t worry – we’re here to help!

The first thing you should do is check your microphone settings. Adjusting sensitivity and selecting the default microphone may resolve the problem.

To adjust sensitivity, right-click on the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and select ‘Sounds.’ Next, click on the ‘Recording’ tab and select your microphone. Click on ‘Properties,’ then navigate to the ‘Levels’ tab. Here, you can adjust the sensitivity by moving the slider up or down.

Additionally, make sure that your microphone is set as the default recording device. To do this, go back to the ‘Recording’ tab in Sounds and right-click on your microphone. Select ‘Set as Default Device.’ If you have multiple microphones connected to your computer, make sure to select the correct one.

With these adjustments made, try using your Dell microphone again – if it still isn’t working properly, it may be time to move onto updating your drivers.

Updating Your Drivers

After checking your microphone settings, the issue with your Dell microphone not working may still persist. There are a few common causes for this problem that we can explore before moving on to alternative solutions.

One possibility is that the microphone itself is faulty or damaged. This could be due to physical damage or wear and tear over time.

Another possibility is that there is a software conflict or compatibility issue with your operating system or other programs on your computer.

Finally, it’s possible that there is an issue with the audio driver installed on your computer.

To address these potential causes, we can try a few different troubleshooting steps.


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Firstly, try using a different microphone to see if the issue persists. If it does not, then it’s likely that the original microphone was indeed faulty or damaged. If the issue persists even with a different microphone, then we can move on to checking for software conflicts and updating drivers.

  1. Check for any updates to your operating system and ensure all programs are up-to-date.
  2. Try disabling any unnecessary audio devices in your computer’s sound settings.
  3. Uninstall and reinstall the audio driver for your Dell computer.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, then it’s possible that there may be a hardware problem with your computer itself. In this case, it may be necessary to bring in a professional technician or contact Dell support for further assistance in troubleshooting hardware issues related to your microphone functionality.

Troubleshooting Hardware Issues

When it comes to hardware issues, there are numerous factors that can contribute to the problem. It’s important to note that regular hardware maintenance is crucial in preventing such issues from happening. This includes cleaning your computer and its peripherals regularly, as well as checking for any physical damages.

One common issue users encounter is microphone compatibility. Not all microphones are compatible with all computers, and this can result in audio not being recorded or transmitted as intended. If you’re experiencing issues with your Dell microphone, it’s recommended to check if it’s compatible with your device first. You can do this by referring to the product specifications or consulting with Dell support.

If compatibility isn’t the issue, then running a system diagnostic may help identify the root cause of the problem. System diagnostics are built-in tools that scan your computer for potential issues and provide solutions accordingly. This can range from updating drivers to repairing damaged files.

Running a diagnostic may take some time, but it’s often an effective way of resolving hardware issues without having to seek outside help.

Running A System Diagnostic

To further troubleshoot the issue with your Dell microphone not working, you can run a system diagnostic. This will help identify any underlying problems that may be causing the malfunction. Running a diagnostic is easy and can be done in just a few steps.

Firstly, go to the Start menu and search for ‘Dell SupportAssist’. Open the application and select ‘SupportAssist for Home PCs’. From there, click on the ‘Run System Check’ option. The diagnostic process will begin and may take some time to complete.

Interpreting results from the diagnostic can be daunting, but don’t worry – it’s not as complicated as it seems. When the diagnostic is finished, you’ll see a list of results indicating any errors or issues detected during the scan.

Common errors include outdated drivers or incompatible software. If this is the case, you can easily fix these issues by updating your drivers or uninstalling conflicting software.

If you’re still having trouble after running a system diagnostic, there are alternative diagnostic tools available such as third-party software. These tools can provide more detailed information about your system’s performance and help pinpoint specific issues that may have been missed by Dell’s own diagnostic tools.

In conclusion, running a system diagnostic is an effective way to troubleshoot problems with your Dell microphone not working. Interpreting results from the scan can seem daunting at first, but common errors such as outdated drivers or incompatible software are easily fixable.

If all else fails, there are alternative diagnostic tools available to help pinpoint specific issues with your system. If you need further assistance beyond these steps, please continue reading for information on contacting Dell support.

Contacting Dell Support For Further Assistance

As we ran the system diagnostic, it was determined that the microphone on your Dell device is not working.


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We understand how frustrating this can be, especially during important video calls or presentations. However, do not worry as there are alternative solutions we can explore to fix the issue.

Firstly, let us check if your microphone is enabled in your device’s settings. To do this, go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Privacy’. From there, select ‘Microphone’ and ensure that it is turned on for the specific application you are using. If it is already enabled but still not working, try disabling and enabling it again.

If the above steps do not work, it may be time to contact Dell support for further assistance. Our team of experts will provide a detailed response time and guide you through any necessary steps to fix the issue. Additionally, here is a table with some common alternative solutions for microphone issues that you can try:

Solution Steps
Check physical connections Ensure that your microphone is properly connected to your device
Update drivers Navigate to ‘Device Manager’, right-click on microphone and select ‘Update driver’
Adjust sound settings Go to ‘Sound Settings’ and adjust input volume or choose a different input source

We hope these solutions help resolve the issue with your Dell microphone. Remember, if all else fails or you need further assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do If My Microphone Is Working But The Sound Quality Is Poor?

If you’re experiencing poor sound quality when using your microphone, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to improve it.

First, make sure the microphone is positioned correctly and not obstructed by any objects.

Then, check that the microphone settings are configured correctly in your device’s settings.

You may also want to try adjusting the volume levels or using a different microphone altogether if the issue persists.

It’s important to note that external factors such as background noise or interference from other devices can also affect sound quality.

By following these tips for improving sound quality during microphone use, you should be able to achieve clearer and more consistent audio output.

How Can I Test My Microphone To See If It Is Working Properly?

To test if your microphone is working properly, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take.

First, check your microphone settings and ensure that the correct input device is selected.

Adjusting the microphone volume levels can also improve sound quality.

If you’re still having issues, try testing your microphone on another device to see if the problem persists.

Additionally, make sure your microphone is securely plugged in and not physically damaged.

By following these steps for microphone troubleshooting and settings adjustment, you can determine whether or not your microphone is working properly.

Why Does My Microphone Work On Some Applications But Not On Others?

Sometimes, it feels like every application has a vendetta against your microphone. Compatibility issues can make one application work seamlessly while another refuses to recognize the device at all.

It can be frustrating, but don’t panic just yet. Common causes for this issue include outdated software and drivers, as well as incorrect configuration settings.

To troubleshoot, start by checking for any available software updates or driver downloads specific to your microphone model. You may also want to ensure that your microphone is selected as the default recording device in your computer’s sound settings.

Don’t let compatibility issues get in the way of using your microphone – try these troubleshooting tips to get back on track!

Can I Use A Different Microphone With My Dell Computer If The Built-In Microphone Is Not Working?

If you’re experiencing issues with your Dell microphone, there are a few troubleshooting tips you can try. However, if your built-in microphone isn’t working and you need to use an alternative, the good news is that you have options.

You can connect an external microphone to your Dell computer using the audio jack or USB port. Just be sure to select the right input source in your settings so that your computer recognizes the new device.

Keep in mind that not all microphones are compatible with all computers, so it’s important to do some research before making a purchase.

Is There A Way To Disable The Built-In Microphone On My Dell Computer If I Want To Use A Separate Microphone?

To disable the built-in microphone on your Dell computer, follow these simple steps.

First, right-click on the speaker icon in your taskbar and select ‘Recording devices.’

From there, you can select your built-in microphone and click ‘Disable.’ This will prevent it from picking up any sound input.

Once disabled, you can easily use an external microphone without any issues.

It’s important to note that not all external microphones are compatible with every Dell computer model, so be sure to check the specifications before making a purchase.

By disabling the built-in mic and using an external one instead, you’ll be able to ensure better sound quality for any recordings or calls.


In conclusion, if your Dell microphone is not working properly, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue.

First, check the sound settings on your computer to ensure that the microphone is selected as the default recording device.

If the sound quality is poor, try adjusting the microphone volume or positioning it closer to your mouth.

Additionally, if your built-in microphone is not working, you can use a separate microphone with your Dell computer. However, you may need to disable the built-in microphone in order for the external microphone to work properly.

By following these simple steps and seeking technical support if needed, you can ensure that your Dell computer’s microphone is working at its best capacity.

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