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Discord Search Not Working – Reasons & Solutions

Have you used Discord search bar recently and found out that Discord search function isn’t working?

If your answer is yes, you have nothing to worry about because there’s a high chance you are not the cause of the problem.

Today, I will show you why you have issues with your Discord search and several steps you should take to fix them.

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Why is Discord Search not working?

Discord search is not working due to server errors and issues. These server issues are mostly triggered by Discord end and not from its user; however, there’s a slim chance that you as a Discord user could cause the problem.

If your Discord search function isn’t working correctly, you should understand that the problem is probably not from you.

Back in 2019, a lot of Discord users complained about how Discord search isn’t working. These complaints led Discord to fix the primary bugs that are causing this problem.

Today, some Discord users are still having issues when using Discord search bar to search for anything that leaves us to an important question.

Is Discord Search Broken?

Not exactly.

Discord search in 2019 was not functioning for a while, and all its users labeled it as broken.

As at the time when this article was written, discord search is working fine after all the bugs causing the search problem were fixed by Discord.

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From this short explanation, you can see that the search problem was just a temporary thing, and hopefully, in the future, it doesn’t happen again.

Now that you know why Discord search is malfunctioning, let me show you how you can fix the problem from your end if you have issues searching for anything with Discord search.

How to Fix Discord Search Not Working

1. Check Discord Server For Issues

Discord has some cool features that rely heavily on servers. One of these features is the search function.

When Discord has an issue with servers, this situation automatically affects Discord search function and other features that rely heavily on servers.

So, if you find yourself having issues with Discord search, here’s what you should do:

1. Go to Discord’s status page to find out if there’s a downtime or major outage and time it occurred.

Discord system operational status

2. Take notes of the colors in the API, Media Proxy, and Push notification section:

  • Green – There was no downtime.
  • Yellow – There was a partial outage.
  • Red – There was a major outage.

3. Move your mouse pointer towards any of the colors to view their operational status. If your pointer doesn’t move correctly, it means you have issues with your mouse sensitivity that needs to be fixed.

discord operation status

4. Click on view historical uptime to check out the all time periods of incidence and uptime.

view Discord historical uptime and downtime

If there’s any kind of outage during the period you are having issues with Discord search, it means the problem is from Discord and you need to be patient till the resolve the problem.

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2. Check Your Internet Connection

Like I mentioned earlier, the problem might not be caused by Discord, it could be caused by you unknowingly.

It’s a good start to check your internet connection to see if there’s anything wrong.

Start by checking your internet speed to determine if you have Discord search issues because your internet is slow.

Decent internet speed should range from 5mbps to 10mbps and above.

Another way to diagnose your internet connection is by checking your router cable if they are correctly plugged in.

If they are, restart your modem and router to make sure everything starts afresh.

Surprisingly, this is an excellent method to increase download speed, which also works for steam.

If your running Discord on your smartphone, all you have to do is disconnect your data or WiFi connection and reconnect it.

3. Update Discord

An outdated Discord app on your PC or smartphone could cause your Discord search not to work.

This is because you could be missing out on an important update required for Discord search to function.

So, if your Discord app is outdated, here’s how to update:

For PC

1. Launch Discord

2. Navigate to your taskbar and right-click on the Discord icon. If you have issues with your taskbar, check our taskbar troubleshooting hub.

3. Click on check on update.

4. If there’s any update available, click on update to begin.

For Smartphone

1. Navigate to Playstore of Apple store depending on the kind of smartphone you are using.

2. Search for Discord app and select update.

4. Contact Discord Team For Assistance

If you are still having trouble searching on Discord at this stage, the quickest way to resolve your problem is to submit a request to Discord support team.

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By doing this, you will get a chance to inform Discord you are currently having an issue with their service, and you need urgent help.

You also get a chance to discuss with their support team to tell you what exactly is wrong and why you cannot use Discord search.

Discord is a large platform that doesn’t joke with its users, especially when there’s a major issue on their platform.

So, if you are interested in contacting Discord support team to resolve your problem, here’s what you need to do:

1. Visit Discord support page.

what can we help you with discord support

2. Choose help & support in the what can we help you with section.

Discord help and support

3. Fill the request form correctly.

Discord request form

4. Click on submit.

Submit discord form

5. Search Manually

If you have tried all the four fixes above and your issue is yet to be resolved, there’s a way you can manually search on Discord if you are desperate.

Consider this a workaround and not exactly a solution.

There are two ways you can search manually on Discord:

  • Search by scrolling up the conversational feed.
  • Searching through another device

The first way, which is by searching through the conversational feed, can seem awkward and stressful, but it gets the job done most of the time.

The second way is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is to use another device to search on Discord.

For example,

If you are having troubles with Discord search on PC, try a smartphone and see if that works for you.

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