FlexClip Online Video Editor Review – Worth It in 2023?

Video editing is a necessity in this modern age for content creators and FlexClip online video editor comes with something more unique when compared to other types of video editing software.

FlexClip provides an easier and faster way for creators to create videos online without the need of downloading a heavy software that will take half of your computer’s performance.

This online tool provides a drag and drop editing style that is helpful for beginners while giving professional video editors a faster and creative way of making videos.

The most interesting thing about FlexClip is that it comes with a ton of stock content for your videos which helps you to complete all your project within FlexClip

In this article, I will review FlexClip online free video editor to help you understand how this product can either be worth it to you or not.

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What Is FlexClip?

FlexClip is a free drag and drop online video editor that is primarily created for both newbies and professional video editors to create and customize any type of video easily and fast.

FlexClip online video editor comes with a basic feature helpful for beginners who have little to no knowledge about video editing while at the same time, it comes with some surprising advanced features that are useful for professionals.

This online video editor is basically known for its ease of use and helpful to people who want to edit videos easily and spend drastically less time on editing.

Here’s an example of what you can do with FlexClip:

Exploring FlexClip Video Editing Tools

Once you sign up with FlexClip and you are navigated to your dashboard, you will see several varieties of tools to help you customize and edit your video.

FlexClip Video Editing Tools:

  1. Timeline
  2. Templates
  3. Media
  4. Text
  5. Stock Videos
  6. Stock Photos
  7. Music
  8. Elements
  9. Overlays
  10. Background
  11. Watermark
  12. Aspect Ratio

1. Timeline

FlexClip provides a well design timeline for editing your video easily. A timeline is an editing interface where the editor has the ability to render videos in sequence.

FlexClip timeline is very simple to use and requires no in-depth knowledge of video editing. To use the timeline, you have the option to drag and drop any stock content or template on the timeline to jump start your editing journey.

2. Premade Templates

The first thing you will be welcomed with is a variety of templates to help you jump start your editing journey.

Let’s assume you want to create an Intro or Outro for your YouTube channel, FlexClip already has a premade template for that and all you have to do is to edit a few texts and add your logo to it and BAM! you’re done.

With their premade templates, you will most likely be satisfied or do a little edit here and there. Overall, their premade template has already done the work for you.

You can search for any premade template in their library or you can just simply browse their templates category if you aren’t shown how you should start.

These are some of the templates you can find:

  • Intro or Outro for YouTube.
  • Businesses
  • Promotion and Sales
  • Slideshows
  • Ticktok
  • Product list videos
  • Training videos
  • How to videos

And many more.

3. Media

FlexClip media gives you the flexibility of importing your own media files from your local storage into FlexClip timeline.

Along with that, there are two interesting features in the media section you have to be aware of.

These features are:

  • Screen Recording – Ability to record your computer screen within FlexClip. You can choose to record your entire screen, a specific window screen or a specific chrome tab. Everything is happening within your browser.
  • Webcam Recording – Ability to record with your computer’s webcam. Note that this will require permission to your webcam and microphone.

These additional features are very helpful to people that would like to illustrate or showcase things to their audience.

4. Text

FlexClip gives you the option of adding basic texts to your videos. Which means that you can drag and drop text wherever you want in your video.

This online video editing tool even took it further by providing well designed customized text that needs little to no editing for your videos. So, what exactly are these texts?

Here they are:

  • Lower Thirds.
  • Headers.
  • Callout Titles.
  • Social Media.
  • Modern Titles.

And many more.

5. Stock Videos

FlexClip provides a ton of stock videos ranging from categories to categories that you are able to pick from. You don’t have to pay another website for stock footage when you can get all you need within FlexClip.

FlexClip stock video library is arranged in categories and you can simply use the search bar within the library to look for your suitable stock video.

If you don’t know what stock videos to search for, you can easily browse through FlexClip stock videos categories to find the perfect stock footage.

You can easily drag and drop any stock video directly from the library to your timeline for editing.

6. Stock Photos

FlexClip also provides a wide range of stock images that’s very helpful for slideshows and more. While you are editing your videos on FlexClip, you can easily drag and drop any stock image directly from the image library to your timeline.

The stock images make it easier for editing lyrical videos that shouldn’t appear boring. You can browse through the entire library by searching for the image you want.

7. Music

FlexClip gives you the option of adding your own music directly to your timeline from your local storage. This simply means that you can add custom audio or sound effects to your videos.

Like that isn’t enough.

FlexClip also provides a dedicated music library filled with stock audio and sound effects. The audio and sound effects are grouped into primary categories such as Mood and Genre.

These primary categories also have each of its own sub categories to help you narrow down to the specific sound of your choice.

8. Elements

FlexClip comes with millions of elements to spice up your videos. Elements are helpful because they enable you to use icons to illustrate things instead of text.

Inside the element’s library, you will find social icons, shapes, emojis, buttons and more that you can directly drag into your timeline for editing.

One of the coolest things about FlexClip elements is that the element isn’t just a stiff icon, they are animated and have a call to action feeling.

9. Overlays

Overlays are well customized text with graphics to help describe video in a clear direction. FlexClip provides many different types of overlays to pick from to help add more clarity in your videos.

FlexClip overlays can be found in the overlay library and each overlay is assigned to its category.

These are some of the categories you will find:

  • Shape Overlays
  • Logo Overlays
  • Corporate Overlays
  • Big title Overlays

And many more.

10. Background

You will find a lot of background designs on FlexClip that you can use to spice things up for your videos. FlexClip provides different types of background that’s helpful for storytelling.

The interesting thing is that as much as you will find a ton of different kinds of static background designs for your videos, you will find even more background designs that are animated which can make your editing work easier.

11. Watermark

FlexClip provides an easy way to apply watermark to your videos. This is awesome news to creators that will like to protect their content.

The watermark gives you the ability to add a logo or text in your video. This logo or text can be resized and be placed whichever angle you desire.

You also have the option to change the opacity of your watermark for the sake of blending your logo with the video you are editing.

This is truly great news to protect your content from online thieves profiting from your own sweat.

12. Aspect Ratio

FlexClip really nailed the aspect ratio for creators to work with. You have the option to create videos for both mobile and desktop.

Within FlexClip, you will find five different types of aspect ratio:

  • 16:9
  • 1:1
  • 9:16
  • 4:5
  • 21:9

The 16:9 and 21:9 are desktop ratios but the 21:9 gives you a more rectangular ratio which is great for cinematography.

The 1:1, 9:16 and 4:5 are mobile ratios whereby each of them has its own use according to what you are willing to use them for.

Exporting Video on FlexClip

FlexClip gives you exactly what you need when exporting any of your videos. You can export your videos in MP4 choosing a specific resolution.

FlexClip export resolution for MP4:

  • 480p with 480 x 852 resolution
  • 720p with 720 x 1280 resolution
  • 1080 with 1080 x 1920 resolution

If you are not interested in exporting your videos in MP4, FlexClip also gives you the option to export in GIF format.

FlexClip export resolution for GIF:

  • Better quality – This will give you the best quality if you want your GIF to look the best.
  • Proper size – This option will give you an average GIF quality which is great for social media.
  • Custom – You have the option of customizing to your choice if you don’t like the two first options.

FlexClip Pricing

FlexClip online video editor is free although they offer a paid plan if you are interested in exploring more of their features.

Each of their plans can be paid monthly but if you decide to pay annually, you will get a 50% discount. Personally, that’s a huge offer I’m on board with. If you would even want more discount which I assume, you can use this coupon code bestsoltips15 to get 15% off whichever plan you choose.

Using the coupon code bestsoltips15 with the annual plan will give you 65% off. CHOOSE WISELY.

flexclip pricing plans

These are FlexClip Price Plans:

  • Free – Their free plan gives you the option of exporting your videos at 480p SD, only 1 stock video per project, a maximum of 12 projects and 1 minute video length.
  • Basic – This is a paid plan that gives you the option of exporting in 720p HD, 1 stock video for one project, save unlimited projects online, up to 3 mins video length, custom watermark, no FlexClip into and 10 GB of cloud space.
  • Plus – The plus plan is FlexClip’s most popular plan that enables you to export in 1080p full-HD, you will have up to 5 stock videos per project, save unlimited projects online, 10 mins video length, custom watermark, no FlexClip intro and 30 GB cloud space.
  • Business – The FlexClip business plan offers everything the plus plan offers with just some differences. You will get unlimited stock videos per project and up to 30 mins video length.

Can I Download FlexClip On My Computer?

FlexClip doesn’t have a software that you can download and install on your computer but it has a responsive web app that can be installed on your computer.

Here’s how to install FlexClip App:

1. Visit FlexClip website in chrome.

2. Register and login to FlexClip dashboard.

3. Click on download by your left-hand corner.

Download flexclip app

4. Click on install.

5. Click on allow if you get any prompt.

6. Launch FlexClip from your desktop.

Who Should Use FlexClip?

Anyone can use FlexClip. As long as you are a content creator looking to make videos fast and easy, FlexClip is the easiest online tool for a professional job.

Primarily FlexClip is suitable for two kinds of people.

Which are:

  • Beginner – As a beginner in video editing, FlexClip gives you a simple and quality interface that helps you understand what you need visually and also you will be welcomed with a quick walkthrough tutorial that will help you get familiar with how FlexClip works.
  • Professional – A professional will appreciate what FlexClip has done in terms of making things easy and quick to access. To make simple videos for YouTube using Adobe Premiere Pro and take you about 3 hours + but with FlexClip, you can finish editing a simple YouTube video within 15 – 30 minutes.

How Fast Can I Make Videos With FlexClip

Making videos of FlexClip is very fast and you can do it within minutes. Most of the time, you can finish making videos within seconds because you found just the right premade template that is exactly how you need it to be.

Using one of FlexClip pre-made templates can really speed things up especially when you get the exact or something similar to what you need. All you have to do is to change a few images or videos here and there, add some music or sound effects, maybe you can do some overlays too and BAM! you’re done.

FlexClip Online Video Editor

FlexClip is a free drag and drop online video editor that is primarily created for both newbies and professional video editors to create and customize any type of video easily and fast.

Solomon Omolabi

Ease of use
Stock Footage Library (Videos, Images, Elements, etc.)
Motion Graphics
Export Options
Premade Templates


Anyone can use FlexClip. As long as you are a content creator looking to make videos fast and easy, FlexClip is the easiest online tool for a professional job.


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