How To Change Keyboard Color On MSI Laptop

A Keyboard that doesn’t support RGB color or a simple backlit isn’t cool at all. We can both agree to this when we look at how MSI handles their keyboard in terms of quality manufacturing.

MSI keyboards comes with different modes of colors which depending on the model which can be changed or controlled with the help of a software.

MSI users are aware that their MSI keyboard supports several colors but not all MSI users knows how to change or switch between them. And you can also learn to turn on a Lenovo laptop keyboard light if you own one.

Today I’m going to share with you an uncomplicated way to change your keyboard color or RGB on your MSI laptop. Before we get started, let me show you a faster way to connect.

How To Change MSI Laptop Keyboard Color:

  1. Launch SteelSeries GG.
  1. Keep your MSI keyboard connected to your computer.
  1. Click on Engine and then select Gear.


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  1. Choose your configuration by your left-hand side.
  1. Go through the template by your right-hand side to pick your favorite RGB color.

What Is A Keyboard Color On MSI Laptop?

The keyboard color on an MSI laptop can also be referred to as an RGB or a rainbow color that can be turned on or changed to illuminate your MSI keyboard.

The keyboard color can be used to illuminate your MSI keyboard to help you type more clearly in complete darkness.

Some people can also refer to keyboard color as a backlit light which is the same thing with just slight difference.

A backlit keyboard simply helps a random keyboard illuminate in a single color with can either be white, red, blue or any random color.

While the keyboard color or RGB light on an MSI keyboard provides a wider range of colors to pick from and customize to your personal preference.

When gaming, your MSI keyboard color can be extremely helpful when you need to recognize certain keys for easier gameplay or when you want to take screenshot.

You can assign specific colors to certain keys which is immensely helpful for gamers to improve productivity and experience.

Overall, the keyboard color on an MSI laptop is an amazing feature that can be beneficial to both writers and gamers if they need to improve their performance.

How To Change Keyboard Color On MSI Laptop

How To Change Keyboard Color On MSI Laptop

Your keyboard color cannot be manually changed directly on your keyboard, it must be done through a software installed on your MSI laptop.

Change Keyboard Color on MSI Laptop:

  1. Download the latest version of SteelSeries Engine.
  1. Install it on your computer.
  1. Connect your MSI external keyboard to your computer if you use one.
  1. Launch SteelSeries Engine by searching for it through windows search.
  1. Navigate to the Engine tab and choose GEAR option.
  1. Click on “MSI PER KEY RGB KEYBOARD” to set configurations.
  1. By your left-hand side, pick a configuration.
  1. Choose a particular template by your right-hand side to change your keyboard color.

Can You Change MSI Keyboard Color?

Yes, you can change the keyboard color on an MSI computer or laptop with the help of a software from SteelSeries.

The SteelSeries software is automatically installed on your MSI laptop of desktop which can be open at any point in time.

Sometimes, you may not find this software on your MSI laptop, but you don’t have to worry about it. You can always download SteelSeries Engine manually and then install it on your MSI laptop.

As far as you use an MSI laptop or an external keyboard for your computer, you have the option to change the keyboard color and tweak it to whatever you want.

Changing your MSI keyboard color won’t be possible without the SteelSeries Engine software which means you need to have it installed before you can begin to consider controlling MSI keyboard light.

If you are having troubles with your MSI keyboard, you can learn from this tutorial on how a Dell laptop keyboard that wasn’t working was fixed.

Can You Install SteelSeries Engine On A Non MSI Laptop?

Yes, it is possible to install SteelSeries Engine on your non MSI laptop. You don’t have to own an MSI laptop before you can install SteelSeries Engine.

What I’m trying to say is that if you own a Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer or even a MAC laptop, you can install the SteelSeries Engine.

Although you should understand that you can’t install the SteelSeries software just for fun. You need to make sure you have an MSI keyboard to work with before it is of benefit to you.

Afterall, the whole point of installing the SteelSeries software is to be able change or control your MSI keyboard color or light.

If you are the type that that loves connecting your MSI laptop to your TV via HDMI cable, this will be a lot more interesting for you because you will enjoy the SteelSeries Engine software on a bigger display.

What Keyboard Colors Are Available For MSI Laptop

There are different tons of colors to pick from when you would like to change the color that illuminates your MSI keyboard.

You have different specific colors to pick from and, you have the option to play through the color wheel to choose a preferred custom setting.

With a color wheel, you can customize and control your MSI keyboard light to whatever you want.

You should note that you can only be able to achieve this through the SteelSeries which must have been installed on your MSI laptop.

Reasons Why You Should Change The Keyboard Color On MSI?

There are several reasons why you should consider changing your MSI keyboard light. If you are wondering why you would want to control or change your MSI keyboard light, you may want to check out these reasons.

These are the reasons:

  1. Type In The Dark.
  2. Comfortability.
  3. Convenience.
  4. Switch Colors
  5. Beauty.

1. Type In The Dark

This is the most obvious reason, but it is still worth mentioning. With a keyboard that can light up clearly, it would surely come at an advantage to you in the dark.

You will be able to see the keys you are typing more clearly which will reduce a significant amount of mistake you would made when typing directly in the dark.

Although most people have already mastered the art of typing without looking at their keyboard which is cool, but it doesn’t mean they won’t be able to type better if their MSI keyboard could light up in the dark.

Surely, this is an advantage to both a beginner and expert typist which will help them improve quality and overall typing experience.

Also, in a situation where your MSI laptop won’t turn on, the keyboard can act as a temporary light to help you find your power button so that you can turn it on.

2. Comfortability

The comfort you get from using an MSI keyboard that can display colors is very satisfying. Gamers can relate to this satisfaction when gaming or using the keyboard for day-to-day use.

The colors emitting from the keyboard while it is in use plays some psychological effects on you to make you want to use the keyboard more.

If the color on the keyboard truly makes you want to use the keyboard more, it means you will spend more time working than normal which will be noticeable.

3. Convenience

The convince of using an MSI keyboard that display colors is the convenience. When gaming, you can assign a particular color to some specific keys which give you a better hand placement.

In a game like call of duty, the movements keys on your MSI keyboard are the w, a, s, d keys by default, and if you do not use to pressing these keys, you can take advantage of marking those keys with a specific color which will make you spend less time looking at your keyboard and focusing more on your screen.

This is an obvious beginner’s tip, but professional gamers find this tip helpful to improve their overall gaming experience and quality. You would never know unless you try it.

Although, the laptop has to always be plugged in to keep it charging so that the light won’t drain out all the battery while gaming.

4. Switch Colors

Aside from the fact that you can turn on and control the color of your MSI keyboard, you also have the option to choose any keyboard color of your choice and assign it as your default keyboard color.

What this means is that if the color you assigned to your MSI keyboard is blue, you have the option to change it to green and making it your default color.

Clearly this feature comes with a convenient flexible way to change your MSI laptop keyboard to your preference.

If you happen to be in a situation, where you don’t know what color to pick, you can simply choose the rainbow color for your MSI keyboard which looks beautiful at a glance.

5. Beauty

Speaking about beauty, nobody can deny the beauty of a keyboard which can display any color. IF your external MSI keyboard is dead looking, a simple RGB light up would bring it to life.

Colors bring out the beaty in things and this will bring out the beauty in your MSI keyboard. On your MSI keyboard, you can go through a variety of colors to play with to see which suites you the most.

There are tons of color to pick from through SteelSeries Engine. You will have to go through the templates and configuration to see how you can make your MSI laptop look cooler.

In a situation when you are gaming with your webcam, your friends can see how the keyboard light is emitting on your face which is kind of cool, except if your MSI camera isn’t working.

MSI Keyboard Light Control

Aside from the fact that you can change your keyboard color, you also can access MSI keyboard light control to be able to tweak the color settings to your preferred choice.

This is one of the coolest things MSI offers which give you a flexible way to change and tweak things to your own liking.

How To Control MSI Keyboard Light:

  1. Search for SteelSeries in Windows search.
  1. Click on SteelSeries GG from the search results.
  1. Make sure you keyboard is connected to your MSI laptop or desktop.
  1. Go to the Engine tab.
  1. Select the GEAR option.
  1. Choose any configuration.
  1. You will be able to control your keyboard color in the active section.

Play around with all the effects and tools to fully control and customize your MSI keyboard light.


How Do I Control The Lights On My MSI Keyboard?

To control the lights on your MSI keyboard, you would have to install the latest SteelSeries Engine software on your laptop and then be able tweak the lights to your preference.

SteelSeries Engine is a free software from SteelSeries which you can download from their website and then install on your MSI laptop.

The installation process is simple, straightforward, and very quick to install. You should also consider the condition of your MSI laptop keyboard to make sure everything is perfectly ok before you begin the installation process.

How Do I Turn On My Backlit Keyboard MSI Gs66?

Here’s how:

Hold down the Fn key with either + or to either increase or decrease your MSI backlit keyboard. If The keys don’t work, it means your Fn key is locked and needs to be unlocked before you can turn on your MSI backlit keyboard.

After you have unlocked your MSI Fn key, you can begin to use the Fn key to turn on or turn off your backlit keyboard.

You can also consider learning how to unlock keyboard for Dell, HP, Lenovo and other brand of laptops.

How Do I Change The RGB On My SteelSeries Keyboard?

To change your keyboard RGB on your MSI laptop, you would need to download and install the latest SteelSeries Engine which is now called SteelSeries GG.

After installing it, you want to navigate to the engine tab to choose the gear option. While in the gear option, you will then select a particular configuration and select a template with RGB.

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