How To Connect AirPods To Dell Laptop

Today, i’ll show you how to connect AirPods to dell laptop in one minute.

Apple Airpods use bluetooth technology and can be paired with any devices that also uses Bluetooth technology.

Your Dell laptop is just like any windows PC and connecting your airpods to it is simple.

The only requirement needed from your Dell laptop is bluetooth.

Make sure your Dell laptop supports Bluetooth before you try to connect your AirPods to it.

The method i am about to show you will work for any model of dell laptop running on any version of windows.

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Steps To Connect AirPods To Dell Laptop

Here’s how,

Total Time: 1 minute

1. Open Windows Settings

Windows settings

Hold these two keys on your keyboard to open windows settings:

Windows key + I

2. Click on Devices

devices in windows settings

You will find all your bluetooth settings under devices.

3. Turn On Your Bluetooth

turn on bluetooth on windows

Your bluetooth has to be turned on before you can pair with your airpods

4. Click on Add Bluetooth or Other device

Add device to windows

This will reveal three options asking you to choose the kind on device you will like to add to your dell computer

5. Select Bluetooth

add bluetooth device to windows

Your airpods uses bluetooth technology and that is what you need to pair it with your dell laptop.

6. Open the lid of Your Airpods case

open lid of airpods case

This is the first step to turn on your airpods bluetooth.

7. Press and hold the button behind your Airpods case Until you see two blinking white Light

airpods case back button

By turning on your airpods bluetooth, your dell laptop will be able find your device for connection.

8. Select your Airpods from your computer

pair airpods to dell laptop

On your computer, choose your airpods among the discovered bluetooth devices for pairing

9. You’re done

woman listening to music with airpods

Remove your airpods from its casing and listen to anything played from your dell computer.

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After successfully connecting your airpods to your dell computer, you might be wondering how you can reconnect your airpods if it gets disconnected.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that.

Your airpods should connect automatically to your dell laptop as long as both bluetooth devices are turned on.

Simply remove your airpods from its casing to automatically connect to your dell laptop.

If you have troubles reconnecting your airpods, follow these instructions:

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How To Reconnect Paired AirPods To Your Dell Laptop

Here’s how,

  1. Start by following the instructions from the first all the way to step four.
  2. While your airpods bluetooth is turned on, click on your airpod device among the list of paired devices on your dell computer.

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In most cases, after you connect AirPods to dell laptop, your Airpods will automatically connect to your dell laptop anytime you are using your dell laptop and its Bluetooth is on.

If this method didn’t work for you, then I suggest you keep trying over and over again because you are probably doing something wrong.

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Do AirPods work with Dell laptop?

Yes, Airpods uses bluetooth technology which can be connected to other devices that also supports Bluetooth technology.

This simply means that your dell laptop needs to have a functioning Bluetooth before you can pair it with an airpod.

Can AirPods cause cancer?

Since airpods has been realeased by Apple, there’s been no clear evidence that Airpods can be the cause of cancer to human health.

Are AirPods waterproof?

No, Airpods aren’t waterproof and has a high chance of getting damaged when it comes in contact with any liquid.

How many years do Apple AirPods last?

Airpods can last up to two years if you really take good care of them.

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