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How To Copy And Paste On HP Laptop

The copy, cut, and paste technique is a popular technique used on smart devices such as a smartphone or a computer to move files to another location quickly.

On your hp laptop, you can quickly copy and paste with the following commands below.


  • Ctrl + C to copy
  • Ctrl + V to paste
  • Ctrl + X to cut

When you copy anything your hp laptop, it is temporarily stored in your clipboard until when you need to paste what you copied.

You should connect HP printer to laptop so that you can print out the command for easy memorization.

If you have any issues with your keyboard being locked, unlocking your HP keyboard should be the first thing on your mind because you can successfully make use of the copy and paste functions.

Once unlocked, simply turn on your HP laptop and your are good to go.

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Ctrl + C to copy
Ctrl + C

The command to copy is CTRL + C and it is a way of duplicating any document on a computer or smartphone from one location to another.

When you copy a document, the document still remain where it is while you can decide to paste it in another location.

What i’m trying to say is that copying any document doesn’t change or affect the original copy except you restart your Hp laptop.

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Also, anytime a document is copied on your hp laptop, it is stored in a clipboard waiting to be pasted.


ctrl + X to cut
Ctrl + X

The command to cut is CTRL + X and it is a method of moving a document from one location to another within your computer or smartphone.

When you cut a document, that document automatically disappears to your clipboard from the original location waiting to be moved to another location.

This simply means that cutting a document will automatically remove the document from the original location.

Ctrl + V to paste
Ctrl + V

The command to paste is CTRL + V and it functions only after you’ve copied or cut any document that is to be duplicated or moved to another location.

After a document is copied or cut on your hp laptop, it is stored in your clipboard until when you need to paste the document into a new location.


The command to open your clipboard on your hp laptop is Window logo key + V.

Your clipboard is a form of storage on your hp computer that temporarily saves the document you have copied or cut until you decide to paste it another location.

Inside your clipboard, you have access to histories of all the document that has been cut and copied.

What Can You Cut, Copy, and Paste?

These are what you can copy and paste on your hp laptop:

  • Documents
  • Files
  • Music
  • Images
  • Videos

As you’ve seen, you can copy, cut and paste anything your Hp computer


Here’s what is required:

  • Mouse – Your mouse or trackpad can be used to copy and paste by highlighting and selecting copy
  • Keyboard – You keyboard on the other hand requires a command by clicking on a combination of keys to copy or paste.
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How to Copy and Paste on HP Laptop

With Mouse

Here’s how,

1. Highlight the text or document you would like to copy.

highlighted text

2. Right-click on that text or document you highlighted.

3. Among the options, click on copy.

copy highlighted text

4. Now, right-click on the location you want to paste the text or document.

5. Click on paste

Without mouse

To copy and paste on hp laptop without a mouse or trackpad, use the following command below.


  • Ctrl + C to copy
  • Ctrl + V to paste
  • Ctrl + X to cut

How to Copy and Paste Pictures on Hp Laptop

Here’s how,

1. Right-Click on the image you want to copy.

right click on image

2. Select copy.

Copy image on dell laptop

3. Right-click where you want to save the image.

Right click on location folder

4. Click on paste.

Paste on dell laptop

How to Access Clipboard History on Hp Laptop

windows 10 clipboard

Use the following command to access clipboard history.


  • Windows Key + V

You can access all the document you’ve cut or copied over the period.

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