How To Download iTunes On HP Laptop Or Dell, Lenovo, MSI & MAC

iTunes is already pre-installed on a MacBook by default but, on a windows laptop like HP or Dell, it’s not.

Today I’m going to share with you how to download iTunes on HP laptop or another brand of Windows laptop like Dell, MSI, Microsoft surface or Lenovo.

If you own an iPhone and you would like to connect it to any windows laptop, then iTunes is the software that includes everything you need.

What Is iTunes on a Windows Laptop?

iTunes is a media software both for windows and mac OS that enables its users to manage all their media collections in a single place.

A typical media collection consists of images, videos, music and more which can all be managed by iTunes on any laptop.

Aside from the fact that you can manage all your media files in one place, iTunes serve as the perfect sync for any iPhone device which needs to transfer or receive data from a windows laptop.

When there’s data on your laptop that you need to send to your iPhone or vice versa, iTunes is arguably the best way to make this happen because of how fast and seamless it is.

iTunes was primarily design for the apple MacBook to connect with an iPhone but in today’s word where more and more iPhone users use a windows laptop instead of a MacBook, apple had to create a windows version.

Both iTunes on windows and MacBook are the same but, users have claimed that the windows version seems to be a bit slower and bloated when compared to the MacBook version.

iTunes Requirement For Windows Laptop

The requirement for iTunes is basically no requirements at all because of how all windows laptops can totally meet the required requirements.

Nevertheless, here are the requirements:

  • Available disk space of 400MB.
  • Minimum of 1024x764 resolution.
  • Minimum operating system is Windows 7.
  • Minimum RAM is 512MB.

Personally, i haven't encountered any laptop that is unable to install iTunes due to performance but if this is your case, you should see how to improve your laptops performance.

How To Download iTunes On a Laptop

Downloading iTunes on your laptop is not as difficult as some people imagine it to be, it is simple, straightforward and won’t take any much of your time.

iTunes can be downloaded on any windows laptop such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, MSI and other similar brand that operates with the windows OS.

Follow the instructions bellow to get iTunes into your laptop.

How to download iTunes on any laptop:

1. Visit iTunes official website.

2. Choose your country or region and click continue.

3. Scroll down and click on windows.

4. Scroll up and click on Download iTunes for Windows now (64-bit).

5. If your laptop is running on a 32-bit version, click on download here.

6. iTunes will begin to download the moment you click on download.

How To Install iTunes On Laptop

After downloading iTunes on your HP laptop or any other brand like Dell, Lenovo or MSI, iTunes will be unable to function yet until it is installed.

Here’s how to install iTunes on a laptop:

1. Locate the downloaded iTunes setup from your default download folder.

2. Double click on iTunes setup when you find it.

3. If you get any prompt for administrator permission, click .

4. When it opens the installed wizard, click on next.

5. Make sure all three boxes are checked and default language it set.

6. Click on install.

7. Select yes if you get any prompt.

Functions Of iTunes On a Laptop

iTunes has many functions when you play around and get comfortable with it but, I will be sharing with you the primary functions of iTunes and why you should install iTunes on your laptop.

These are the functions:

  1. Quick Media Transfer
  2. Listen To Music
  3. Backup
  4. Watch Movies.
  5. Listen to Audiobooks

1. Quick Media Transfer

This is the primary reasons to why majority of people install iTunes on their laptop. iTunes helps iPhone users connect or sync their iPhone device directly with their windows laptop.

Unlike an android device which is extremely easy to connect to any type of computer, An iPhone can’t boast the same.

Without iTunes installed on a laptop, it is extremely difficult to connect or sync an iPhone to a laptop except you decide to install iTunes on your laptop.

Once you can connect an iPhone to your laptop, you can easily transfer data between each of them fast and securely.

2. Listen To Music

iTunes gives you the option of listening to your favorite music through your apple music subscription which gives you millions of songs to listen to. You also have the option of buying your favorite music if you are not a fan of subscription.

If you already have your own music on your laptop, you can always import the music into iTunes for you to listen or you can as well listen to a radio or podcast through iTunes instead.

Although you may have apps like VLC and the default windows media player, none of the have a radio or podcast feature like the iTunes.

3. Backup

Backing up your apple device is very important, and iTunes makes it very much easier to accomplish this.

If you would like to back up your iPhone or iPad, the only way to go about it is by using iTunes with your laptop. Without iTunes, it is impossible to backup or transfer any data from your apple device to your laptop.

Only the iTunes software provides a way for apple users to transfer data and back their device on any laptop.

Backing up a device is very important and if you were not considering installing iTunes, then you reconsider because it will make your life a lot easier.

4. Watch Movies

Just like how you can watch movies and tv shows on a windows laptop with the help of a video player VLC or Windows media player, iTunes can also serve that same purpose.

You can choose to watch your favorite tv shows using iTunes which can help you keep your focus within the iTunes so you can easily switch to something else.

iTunes might not boast as the best video player for windows but, it will surely get the job done.

Majority of people are used to VLC because of its simplicity, but if they can give iTunes a chance, maybe they will change their mind.

5. Listen to Audiobooks

Just like how you can watch movies on your laptop using iTunes, you can also listen to audiobooks using iTunes on your computer.

And like I mentioned earlier about how VLC and windows media player are both video players for windows, they can also be used for listening to audios also.

So, if you have any audio file on your laptop that you would love to listen to, you can take advantage of iTunes by listen to the audio file directly with it.

How To Download iTunes In Microsoft Store

If you don’t like the idea of downloading iTunes through your browser, you can also download iTunes through Microsoft store on your windows laptop.

Microsoft store is the default application store for windows laptop where you can find common software programs to do download and install on your laptop.

How to download iTunes in Microsoft store on any laptop:

1. Search for Microsoft store in windows search.

2. Click on Microsoft store among the results.

3. Search for iTunes inside Microsoft store.

4. Click on get to start downloading.

5. Select install once it is finished downloading.

Once iTunes has finished installing on your laptop, all you need to do is go to your desktop and launch it to start using it.

Can I Install iTunes On Any Laptop?

Yes, iTunes can be installed on any laptop such as HP, Dell, MSI, Lenovo, Microsoft surface or any other laptop brand.

If you have been hesitant of using a regular windows laptop just because you think you might have troubles connecting your iPhone to it, you don’t have to worry about it.

Your iPhone can work seamlessly with any windows laptop with the help of iTunes. All windows computers can install iTunes so far as they meet the requirement.

The requirements to install iTunes isn’t much which basically means almost any laptop can install iTunes.

Once iTunes is downloaded from apple website or any other trusted website, all the is left is to simply click on the iTunes setup to fully install it on your laptop.

Can You Download iTunes On Any Laptop?

Yes, you can download iTunes on any laptop like HP, Dell, MSI, and other laptop brand. All you need to do is download iTunes from the right source.

The right source to download iTunes is from apple official website or any other trusted website that offers downloadable software’s for pc.

If you don’t like downloading software’s form website through your browsers, you can also take advantage of Microsoft store which is available on every Windows laptop by default.

Microsoft store is program on Windows laptop that have a tons of software applications that can be installed on a laptop which includes iTunes.

Think of Microsoft store as the Google PlayStore to an Android phone or an Apple store to an iPhone.

Is iTunes Free To Download?

iTunes doesn’t cost anything if you are considering installing this on your laptop. iTunes is available on the Apple official website and other trusted website for download, and it is all free.

You can also find iTunes on Microsoft store to be download for free on your laptop.

Any website that requests for money before you can download iTunes isn’t a genuine website and should be blacklisted.

Anytime you would like to download iTunes, you should have it at the back of your mind that it is free.

Why Can’t I Find iTunes On My Laptop?

The reason why you wouldn’t be able to find iTunes on your laptop after you have installed is because there’s no shortcut created yet for the program.

You would have to look for iTunes in its original installed directory and then create a shortcut to your desktop.

Here’s how to find iTunes on your laptop:

1. Search for iTunes in window search.

2. Right click on iTunes and click on open file location.

3. right click again on iTunes and move your mouse to send to and click desktop.

4. Now you can find your iTunes on your desktop.

Since iTunes is now downloaded on your HP laptop or other brand, you can always double click on it to launch it whenever you are ready.

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