How To Enter Bios On Dell Laptop/Desktop

Entering bios on your dell laptop is very simple with this simple method I’m about to show you. If you are using a Dell XPS 13 or 15, latitude, OptiPlex, precision 5530, Inspiron 15, or 7000 running on Windows 10, 8, or 7, you are in the right place.

This is a windows 10 guide that explains in details what a bios is and how to enter.

If you are going to be changing some settings in your BIOS, it’s import you know what a BIOS is and its function.

What is a BIOS?

A BIOS is a ROM chip found on your Dell computer motherboard hat grants you access to set up your Dell computer at the most basic level.

bios chip
A bios chip

This simply means that a BIOS gives you access to control hardware features on your Dell computer such as either enabling or disabling hardware components, monitoring temperatures of your system, and speeds, or setting boot sequence to boot your computer from a CD Rom or USB flash drive.

4 Main Functions of Your Dell BIOS

BIOS on your Dell laptop/desktop has four main functions. They are:


Ability to test your Dell computer hardware and make sure no errors exist before loading the operating system.

Bootstrap Loader 

This locate the operating system. If an operating system is located, the BIOS will pass control to it.

BIOS drivers

This is a low-level driver that give your Dell computer basic operational control over your Dell laptop or desktop hardware.

BIOS setup or CMOS setup

This is a configuration program that enables you to configure hardware settings including system settings such as computer passwords, time, and date.

What BIOS is My Dell Computer Using?

To discover the version of BIOS on your Dell laptop or desktop is using, you need to access or enter BIOS setup.

After entering BIOS, on the main BIOS screen, it should display the BIOS type, which could be AMI, Award, or Phoenix, and the version of the BIOS.

How to Enter BIOS on Dell

dell bios setup
Bios menu

Here’s how,

1. Turn Off Your Laptop/Desktop

Your Dell computer needs to be turned off because you can only access the BIOS from the beginning of when your Dell computer is turned on

2. Turn on Your Laptop/Desktop

After turning your Dell computer off, you want to turn it back on and watch at for the Dell logo

3. Tap the F2 key When the Dell Logo Appears

Immediately you see the Dell logo, you want to continuously tap the F2 key located at the top of your keyboard to enter the BIOS.

Avoid holding F2 key because your Dell computer might think your key is stuck.

If the F2 key doesn’t work for you, you can try these other combinations


Ctrl + Alt + Enter

Fn + F1

Fn + Esc.

4. Navigate with Your Arrow Keys

After entering BIOS on your Dell laptop or desktop, you should use your arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate because your mouse arrow key won’t function in BIOS.

If you have issues with your dell laptop keyboard, you should get an external keyboard.


If you followed all the information given above correctly, you shouldn’t have any issue entering bios on your computer

Remember not to hold the F2 key so your Dell laptop or desktop doen’t think you have a key that is stuck.

If the F2 key doesn’t work, try the other keys listed above.

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