How To Record The Screen On Your Windows Pc: 4 Apps

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to explain something in words. Especially when you need to tell people something about specific things, activities, tools, applications, or software.

In such cases, if you need to tell how to do something on a computer or laptop, you can resort to making a screenshot. This is a great way if you need to prompt something that does not require any additional steps.


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So to speak, if you need to state a fact.

However, there are many occasions when you need to show something in action. You may want to show where to click, what sequence of actions to perform, or just capture what you are doing on your hardware. In such cases, it will be difficult for you to show or tell anything with a screenshot.

However, in the era of modern computers, this is no longer a problem, because everyone can try screen recording for any activity that they need to record and demonstrate.

On Windows hardware, users have a variety of ways to screen record Windows. In most cases, the easiest way for users is to use built-in tools that do not need to be downloaded. They are simple, but for some users, their functionality may not be enough.

We’ll talk about why you might need screen record on PC, as well as what tools you can use that offer different functionality.

Use cases

Bug reports

Even though we use modern devices, they are not always ideal. In particular, users can often observe various problems related to operating systems, software, or various online and desktop applications.

Many of the problems can be solved without any outside intervention. However, if bugs prevent you from working and using your device, you can report them to the developers.


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This applies not only to programs but also to video games.

You don’t need an advanced tool to learn how to screen record on Windows. You can use the tool that your system offers by default. To do this, you can use the Xbox Game Bar, which is easy to use. You just need to start recording, demonstrate the problem, and then send it to the appropriate specialist.

Product tutorials

You can record screen activity for more than just personal use. Now marketing videos are gaining popularity. They show in detail what digital products are capable of. This helps companies show buyers in a detailed and informative way what they are going to buy before making a purchase they may later regret.

If you want to talk in detail about the features of your application or software, you need to know how to record screen so that you can make an effective marketing video that will only increase your sales.


Game videos

There are also an increasing number of well-known gamers who not only play, but also share their knowledge with other players, help other players discover and complete complex game content, and so on. 

Many users resort to starting streaming. However, other players prefer to publish interesting and well-edited videos instead of live videos, which can later be shared on popular platforms.


Training on the job

A huge number of companies use professional programs, applications, and tools that help them cope with a variety of business tasks. In addition, many companies develop their software for their needs.

Thus, for employees to understand how to use a particular tool, you should show them. Screen-recorded videos are a great way to train new hires, improve employee skills, familiarize them with new tools, and much more.

Tools for your needs

OBS Studio

Many gamers know firsthand how important good software is for recording gaming activity. Many people use free software at first, and soon find that such tools do not offer the desired functionality.


In this regard, if you are a gamer and want to find a professional tool with which you can record your clips as well as stream, then you should pay attention to OBS Studio. It offers you the possibility to record from various sources as well as use many scenes.

For beginners, this tool can seem quite complicated. Therefore, if you want to find a simpler program with less advanced and complex functionality, then you should not buy it.

Screen Capture

In search of a simple and convenient solution, you should use this tool. It is great for non-technical professionals. However, it is not primitive, rather it is more understandable and easier to use for a wide range of users.


With Screen Capture, you can quickly create recordings, make marketing videos, record videos for your employees, and much more.

You can record the whole screen or part of it. It allows you to use sound from the microphone as well as system sound. In addition, you can add your webcam recordings on your Windows PC and much more.

Free cam

There are more and more bloggers in the world who want to share their motion pictures on YouTube. In addition, many companies create clips for their loyal and potential customers and publish them on the most popular platform.


If that’s what you’re looking for, then you should check out Free Cam, which creates recordings ready to be published on this video platform in the right format.

Its advantage is that each user can use it completely free of charge. The final flourish is that you won’t be bothered by ads and banners.


If you don’t need a tool to record your games or create marketing videos or tutorials, then you can use CamStudio. This is a primitive tool that will not surprise you with a variety of functions, but it will be great for your personal needs.


It doesn’t offer a lot of editing options, so you’ll need some extra software. However, if you don’t want to go through a long learning curve and are looking for a simple solution that produces small-sized clips that are easy to share, then this is the one for you.


Depending on your needs, you can choose a screen recording tool from a variety of options. Before making a choice, you should understand for what purposes you will use this or that tool.

Understanding your goals, you can choose between a primitive tool, a program for beginners with a large set of features, or an advanced tool for technical specialists.

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