How To Reset HP Envy 6055 Printer

Are you having trouble with your HP Envy 6055 Printer? Resetting it can be a tricky task, but don't worry! With this guide, you'll be able to reset your printer and get printing again in no time. In this article, we'll walk you through the steps so that y

Are you having trouble with your HP Envy 6055 Printer? Resetting it can be a tricky task, but don’t worry! With this guide, you’ll be able to reset your printer and get printing again in no time. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps so that you can reset your HP Envy 6055 Printer quickly and easily. We’ll also explain what to do if the reset doesn’t work. So read on to learn how to reset your HP Envy 6055 Printer!

The process of resetting an HP Envy 6055 Printer is simpler than you may think. All it takes is a few simple steps that anyone can do at home. Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, these instructions will help you get back up and running in no time. Plus, if the reset doesn’t work for some reason, we’ll tell you what else to try so that you don’t have to waste any time troubleshooting.

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So if your HP Envy 6055 Printer isn’t working properly or isn’t responding as expected, don’t panic – follow along with this guide and you’ll soon have the printer up and running again! Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to reset your HP Envy 6055 Printer.

Unpacking The Printer

Paul had just purchased an HP Envy 6055 printer and was eager to assemble it. He started by carefully unpacking the printer, ensuring he had all the components necessary for setup and installation. Paul found the power cable, user guide, and a USB cable included in the package. After thoroughly examining all the items, he proceeded to set up his HP Envy 6055 printer.

Next, Paul connected the AC power adapter to the back of the machine and plugged it into an electrical outlet. Then he connected one end of the USB cable to his computer and the other to his printer. With all cables in place, he was ready to start configuring his new printer.

Paul’s excitement only grew as he powered on his HP Envy 6055. He was now ready to dive into configuring his new device and making it ready for use!

Configuring The Printer

After unpacking the printer, it is time to configure the printer. First, connect the power cord and turn on the printer. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to complete setup and adjust any other settings. It is important to configure the printer settings properly in order to get the best performance out of your HP Envy 6055 printer.

Next, access the printer settings menu by navigating through the options on your device’s control panel. Here you can configure a variety of options such as paper size, type, language, and print quality. If you need help understanding how to configure these options correctly, refer to your printer’s user guide for more detailed instructions.

Once you have finished configuring all of your settings and preferences, it is time to reset any adjustments that may have been made during setup or configuration.

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This will ensure that your HP Envy 6055 printer is running optimally with its factory default settings so that you can use it without any issues. Resetting the printer settings will also help maintain consistent print quality over time.

Resetting The Printer Settings

John had just purchased a new HP Envy 6055 printer and was eager to get it set up. He wanted to make sure that all the settings were correctly configured so he decided to reset them. Resetting the printer settings can be an effective way of troubleshooting any issues and ensuring that the printer is properly functioning. Here are 5 steps for resetting your HP Envy 6055 printer:

  1. Open the control panel and select ‘Setup’.
  2. Choose ‘Tools’ and then ‘Reset All’.
  3. Click on ‘Yes’ to confirm the reset process.
  4. Wait for the system to finish resetting, then click ‘OK’.
  5. Power off your printer, then turn it back on again to complete the reset process and restore default settings.

By following these steps, John was able to quickly reset his printer settings so that he could start using his new HP Envy 6055 without further delay. After successfully configuring the settings, John was ready to begin printing documents from his laptop or smartphone with ease. Now that John had taken care of resetting his printer’s settings, he was ready to move on towards restoring factory settings.

Restoring Factory Settings

Restoring the factory settings on the HP ENVY 6055 printer is a simple process. To begin, turn off the power to the printer. Then, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, and wait for at least 60 seconds before plugging it back in. This allows enough time for all of the residual voltage to clear from the machine.

Once reconnected, press and hold down both of the ‘Cancel’ and ‘Wireless’ buttons simultaneously until all of the LEDs light up at once. At this point release your finger from both buttons, and select ‘Yes’ when prompted if you want to restore factory settings. The printer will then go through a series of initialization steps and will be restored to its original factory settings.

Now that your HP ENVY 6055 has been restored to its factory settings, you can proceed with troubleshooting any issues you may have encountered.

Troubleshooting Issues

Troubleshooting an HP Envy 6055 Printer can be a daunting task. It’s like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube with your eyes closed, but thankfully, there are some simple steps you can take to get it running again. First and foremost, ensure that all the cables and connections are secure. Check that the printer is connected to the power source and your device. Make sure the printer is turned on, and that the switch on the back of the printer is in the correct position for wireless printing.

If these checks still don’t resolve your issue, try resetting your printer. To do this, unplug all cables from the back of your printer and wait for at least one minute before plugging them all back in again. Then press and hold down both the cancel button and wireless button simultaneously, until all lights flash on your printer control panel. This should reset everything back to normal.

If you’re still having trouble getting your HP Envy 6055 Printer to work correctly, you may need to download any available updates or reset any communication settings on your device or router. You may also need to investigate any firewall settings that could be blocking the connection between the printer and device. With a few simple steps, you should soon have your HP Envy 6055 Printer up and running again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Maximum Print Resolution Of The Hp Envy 6055 Printer?

The HP Envy 6055 Printer is capable of producing high-quality prints with its maximum print resolution. This printer has a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi). This means that it can produce crystal clear images and text with great detail and clarity. With the HP Envy 6055 Printer, you can be sure to get the most out of your documents and photos.

It’s important to know the maximum print resolution of any printer before you purchase it, because it determines how well the printer will be able to reproduce images and text. The HP Envy 6055 Printer has a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi that allows for sharp details and vibrant colours in photos as well as crisp text in documents.


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This makes it ideal for both home and office use, as it produces quality prints without sacrificing speed or efficiency.

The HP Envy 6055 Printer is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable, high-performance printer that produces quality prints quickly and efficiently. With its impressive maximum print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi, you can be sure that your documents and photos will look their best every time.

What Type Of Memory Cards Can Be Used With The Hp Envy 6055 Printer?

They say knowledge is power, and when it comes to understanding the capabilities of a printer, that adage couldn’t be more true. The HP ENVY 6055 printer offers users powerful printing options and the ability to use various memory card types for added convenience. Let’s take a closer look at the different memory card types that can be used with this device and how they can enhance your printing capabilities.

The HP ENVY 6055 supports a variety of memory card types, allowing you to print photos directly from your mobile device or two-sided documents without needing to transfer them to your computer first. It is compatible with SD, miniSD, microSD, MS Duo, MMC cards and many others. This means you can quickly print photos or important documents on the go without having to wait until you get back home or to the office.

This printer also comes with an array of advanced features like mobile printing options, support for both color and black-and-white prints as well as two-sided printing. With these features combined with its wide range of supported memory cards, it offers an efficient and user friendly experience no matter what type of document you are trying to print.

These features make the HP ENVY 6055 an ideal choice for any home or small office setting where speed and quality are needed in equal measure. Whether you’re looking for a way to quickly print out photos or need reliable two-sided printing capabilities, this printer has got you covered.

Does The Hp Envy 6055 Printer Have Wi-Fi Capabilities?

The HP Envy 6055 printer is a great option for those looking for a versatile device. It’s important to consider the wi-fi capabilities of the printer before making a purchase, and luckily, this model has them. With its wi-fi compatibility, users are able to print from their mobile devices with ease. The HP Envy 6055 also offers two-sided printing, which can save time and effort when working on larger projects.

When researching any type of printer, it’s important to look at its compatibility with other devices. The HP Envy 6055 is compatible with most modern computers and mobile devices, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking for an easy way to print from their devices.


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Additionally, the two-sided printing feature allows users to quickly print documents in half the time compared to single-sided printing.

Overall, the HP Envy 6055 printer is a great choice for anyone who needs a reliable device that offers wi-fi capabilities and compatibility with various types of devices. It also offers two-sided printing so you can get your work done quickly and efficiently without having to worry about running out of paper or ink cartridges too quickly. This model is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a new printer.

Is There A Way To Print Directly From A Mobile Device?

Yes, it is possible to print directly from a mobile device with the HP Envy 6055 printer. This wireless printing capability allows users to print documents, photos, and other items quickly and easily without having to be physically connected to their printer. With this convenient feature, you can print from your phone or tablet wherever you are located.

For those looking for an easy way to print from their mobile device, the HP Envy 6055 printer is a great option. Direct printing from a mobile device to an HP Envy 6055 printer requires no setup; just install the app on your phone and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Additionally, with its built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, you can connect it to any network in seconds.

The HP Envy 6055 printer also supports multiple types of printing formats such as JPEG and PDF, making it versatile enough for all kinds of printing needs. Moreover, it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices so you can easily print from any of your devices without worrying about compatibility issues. All in all, the HP Envy 6055 printer makes it easy for anyone to print directly from their mobile device – quickly and conveniently!

Does The Hp Envy 6055 Printer Support Two-Sided Printing?

The HP Envy 6055 printer is a popular model that comes with a range of features. One of the key features to consider when purchasing a printer is double-sided-printing or two-sided-printing. Many users may be wondering if the HP Envy 6055 printer offers this support.

The answer is yes, the HP Envy 6055 does support two-sided printing or print duplex. This means that you can print on both sides of the paper at once, saving time and money on ink and paper costs. The printer also has an automatic two-sided printing feature that allows you to easily create documents with multiple pages without any hassle.

When using the two-sided printing feature, you will need to make sure your printer settings are configured correctly in order for it to work properly. You can easily find instructions on how to do this online and in your user manual that came with the HP Envy 6055 printer. Once configured correctly, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of double-sided printing for all your printing needs.

With its reliable performance and convenient two-sided printing feature, the HP Envy 6055 printer is an excellent choice for users who are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to get their documents printed quickly and accurately.


The HP Envy 6055 printer is a great choice for anyone who needs high-quality prints. With its maximum print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi, it can produce crisp and vibrant images. It also supports multiple memory cards so you can easily transfer files from one device to another. Plus, with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, you can print directly from your mobile devices without the need for cables or additional software. And if you need to print on both sides of the paper, this printer has got you covered.

So if you’re looking for a reliable printer that won’t break the bank, the HP Envy 6055 is definitely worth considering. Not only does it offer great print quality and versatile connectivity options but it also has a range of other features like two-sided printing and mobile printing that make it stand out from the competition. I personally think this machine is an excellent choice for home office use or even light commercial printing.

To sum up, the HP Envy 6055 provides impressive print quality and convenience in an affordable package. It’s easy to set up and maintain, making it ideal for both personal and business use. So if you’re looking for a reliable all-in-one printer that won’t break the bank, then this one should definitely be on your list of options!

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