How To Save Tabs In Chrome [4 Ways]

Saving important tabs in Google Chrome can be very helpful when you have multiple web pages to work with. If you are struggling with this, I will share with you different ways you can save any tab in chrome.

This will include showing you how to save a specific tab or multiple tabs all at once.

You will also learn how to pin tabs in chrome so the next time you open Google chrome, your pinned tab will automatically be opened.


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When you are talking about saving tabs in chrome, you are simply referring to bookmarking and pinning tabs in chrome.

Both are the main methods for saving tabs in your chrome browser.

Now you may be asking yourself what does bookmarking or pinning tabs mean?

Here’s an answer for you.

What is a Bookmark in Chrome?

A bookmark is a feature in Chrome browser that helps you save web pages for future retrieval.

chrome bookmark location

Chrome has three preset locations to store your bookmarked web pages.

These locations are:

  • Bookmarks bar
  • Other bookmarks
  • Mobile bookmarks

The Bookmarks bar is located at the upper section in chrome browser and this is where your tabs are saved on.

This is what Chrome Bookmarks Bar looks like:

chrome bookmarks bar

Chrome gives you the options to create your own custom folder insider the bookmarks bar.


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What Does Pin Tabs Mean in Chrome?

Pinning tabs is a feature in chrome browser that helps you temporarily stick any webpage in the tab section in chrome.

This feature helps you manage multiple webpages without the hassle of reopening any webpage.

Anytime you pin a tab in chrome, the tab shrinks and can be viewed above the URL.

Here’s what a pinned tab looks like in chrome:

Pinned tabs in chrome

The pinned tabs can only be removed by unpinning the tab or reopening chrome browser.

Why You Should Save Tabs in Chrome?

There’s only one reason why you should be saving tabs in chrome.

The reason is time management.

When you have your favorite web pages saved, it makes your work flow faster and easier.

Bookmarking and pinning tabs are features you should be using when you want to work with multiple web pages simultaneously.

How to Save Tabs in Chrome

Like I mentioned earlier, there are four ways to save a tab in google chrome browser.

  1. Bookmarking Tabs
  2. Pinning tabs
  3. Extensions
  4. Save to desktop

Let’s start with bookmarking.

1. Bookmark Tab

There are two methods to bookmark tabs in chrome. These methods are:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Browser Options

Follow my instructions carefully

Here’s how,

Keyboard Shortcut

  1. Open Google chrome.
  1. Open a tab and go to the web page you want to save or bookmark.
  1. Make sure you are on the web page. If you want to save more than one tab, make sure you have everything opened.
  1. Choose and press the following command on your keyboard to save tab
Ctrl + D

to save a specific tab

Ctrl + Shift + D

to save multiple tab simultaneously

5. After entering the command, you will get a pop up like this.

bookmark option
6. Change the name to whatever you want and set the folder option to bookmarks bar. 7. Click on done.
bookmarks bar
8. Now you can find your saved tab in the bookmarks bar.

Browser Options

1. Open Google Chrome. 2. Open a tab and go to the web page you want to save or bookmark. 3. Make sure you are on the web page. If you want to save more than one tab, make sure you have everything opened. 4. Navigate to the three dotted icon located at the upper right corner of your screen.
chrome icon option
5. Navigate your mouse arrow to bookmarks to reveal more options.
chrome options
6. Now choose bookmark this tab to save a specific tab or choose bookmark all tabs to save all open tabs.
bookmarks option in crome
7. You will get a pop up after choosing.
save bookmarks in chrome
8. Name the bookmarks folder and click on save.
bookmarks bar
9. Now you can find your saved tab in the bookmarks bar.

2. Pin Tab

Here’s how to pin tabs in chrome.
pin tabs in chrome
1. Open Google Chrome 2. Start a new tab and go to your desired web page. 3. Now, right click on the tab you want to pin. 4. Click on pin among the options.

3. Extensions

You can use chrome extensions to help you save tabs. Here’ the two extensions I recommend 1. Session Buddy 2. Save Chrome Tabs For Later Both extensions are great for getting the job done. If you have interest in using extensions to save your tabs, you should download them.

4. Save to Desktop

This will help you convert any web page into a shortcut icon and you can save it anyway in your computer. If you want to know more about this, check out this guide to create shortcut of a web page to desktop .
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