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How To Scan On HP Deskjet 4155E

Are you looking for a way to scan documents quickly and easily? Do you have an HP Deskjet 4155e printer but don’t know how to use its scanning capabilities? Look no further. This article will guide you through the simple steps of scanning with your HP Des

Are you looking for a way to scan documents quickly and easily? Do you have an HP Deskjet 4155e printer but don’t know how to use its scanning capabilities? Look no further. This article will guide you through the simple steps of scanning with your HP Deskjet 4155e printer. You’ll be able to scan documents in no time, so let’s get started!

With the HP Deskjet 4155e, you can scan documents with either the flatbed scanner or the automatic document feeder (ADF). Both methods are efficient, but they differ in some ways. We’ll go over both ways of scanning so that you can choose which one works better for you.

By the end of this article, you’ll be an expert at using your HP Deskjet 4155e printer for all your scanning needs.

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So, don’t wait any longer and let’s get started learning how to scan on your HP Deskjet 4155e!

Unboxing & Installation

Unboxing your HP Deskjet 4155e printer is the first step to being able to use it. Carefully remove all the components and make sure none of them are damaged. Next, take out the setup instructions booklet and read through it. You’ll find information on installing the ink cartridges, setting up the printer, and connecting it to your computer or mobile device. Make sure you follow all instructions as outlined in the guide, so that everything is installed correctly. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to connect your printer to a computer.

Connecting The Printer To A Computer

Now that you have successfully unboxed and installed your HP Deskjet 4155e printer, the next step is to connect it to your computer. This section will provide instructions on how to make sure the printer is properly connected.

  1. Connecting Printer to a Computer: The first thing you need to do is connect the printer to a desktop or laptop computer via USB cable. Make sure both ends are plugged in securely before proceeding with the setup.

  2. Setting Up Wi-Fi: If you want to print wirelessly, you can set up Wi-Fi for your HP Deskjet 4155e printer by following the instructions provided in the user manual. It involves connecting your printer and router via a secure password and then connecting your computer or other devices with the same network name and password.

  3. Printer Connection: Once you have successfully connected both devices, you should be able to see an active connection between them when checking in your device’s settings menu. If everything appears normal, then congratulations! Your HP Deskjet 4155e is now ready for printing purposes.

    Resetting an HP Printer Without Screen can be a tricky task. [Reset HP Printer Without Screen]( is a great resource to help you through the process.

Now that everything is connected correctly, it’s time to move on to setting up printing preferences like paper size, color mode, and orientation according to your needs and priorities.

Setting Up Printing Preferences

Before you can start scanning documents and photos, it is important to set up the printing preferences for your HP Deskjet 4155e printer. To do this, open the printer settings on your computer and select ‘Printing Preferences’ from the list of options. This will open up a window with different printing options. Here, you can adjust the quality and color of your prints, as well as specify which type of paper you are using. You may also be able to choose specific scan options for your HP Deskjet 4155e printer, such as whether you want to scan in color or black & white. Once all the settings have been adjusted, click ‘OK’ to save the changes and continue on with scanning documents and photos. With these settings in place, you can now move forward with scanning documents and photos with confidence.

Scanning Documents & Photos

Now that you’ve gotten your HP Deskjet 4155e set up for printing, let’s move on to scanning documents and photos. Scanning is an easy task that can be done with the right instructions. To get started, make sure you take note of the scan settings of your HP Deskjet 4155e. This can be done by looking in the printer settings or using the automated scan option on the control panel. Once these steps are completed, follow these simple steps to begin scanning documents and photos:

First, place your document or photo onto the scanner glass. Then, press the scan button on the control panel and select either ‘Scan Document’ or ‘Scan Photo.’ Depending on what option you choose, a preview of your document/photo will appear on-screen so that you can adjust any necessary settings (e.g., brightness). When you are satisfied with how it looks, press ‘Scan’ once again and wait for your document/photo to finish scanning. Lastly, check if the scanned item is saved in its intended file type before saving it to your computer or device.

With these steps in mind, getting started with scanning documents and photos should be a breeze! Now that we have covered how to scan with an HP Deskjet 4155e, let’s move on to troubleshooting tips if something goes wrong during a scan job.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having trouble scanning on your HP Deskjet 4155e, there are a few troubleshooting tips that may help. First, check the printer connectivity. Make sure it is properly connected to your computer and that all cables are securely plugged in. If the connection isn’t working, try using a different USB port or restarting your computer.

Next, check for any printing issues. Is the printer displaying any errors? If so, make sure your ink cartridges are correctly installed and that they have enough ink. You can also run a test page to check if the printer is functioning properly.

Finally, if you still can’t scan successfully, try reinstalling the printer’s software or updating the drivers. This may help resolve any scanning errors you’re experiencing. Once complete, try scanning again to see if this has resolved the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Documents Can I Scan Using The Hp Deskjet 4155e?

Scanning documents is an important feature of the HP Deskjet 4155e scanner. This device allows users to scan various types of documents with a high resolution. It is important to note what kind of documents can be scanned using the HP Deskjet 4155e scanner.

When scanning documents, it is important to consider the type of document being scanned and the resolution at which it will be scanned. The HP Deskjet 4155e scanner supports multiple types of documents, including photographs, magazines, newspapers and books. Additionally, it scans at a resolution up to 600 dpi (dots per inch) which helps produce optimal quality images when scanning in color or black and white.

Overall, the HP Deskjet 4155e scanner provides users with an easy way to scan all kinds of documents at high resolutions. It is an ideal choice for those needing to quickly scan multiple types of documents for personal or professional use.


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With its powerful scanning capabilities, users can easily get the most out of their HP Deskjet 4155e scanner.

Is There A Way To Save Scanned Images To The Cloud?

As the saying goes, time is money, so being able to save scanned images to the cloud quickly and easily is invaluable. With the HP Deskjet 4155e scanner, you can do just that! This versatile device makes it possible to scan documents and store them directly in cloud storage.

The HP Deskjet 4155e scanner offers a convenient way to save scanned images directly to the cloud. All you need to do is connect the device to your computer and the software will guide you through setting up your cloud storage account. Once your account is set up, simply place a document in the scanner and press scan. Your image will be saved directly into your cloud storage account.

The HP Deskjet 4155e scanner also provides an easy way to access and share documents stored in cloud storage with anyone who has access rights. You can easily send documents back and forth among colleagues or family members for editing or viewing at any time from anywhere with an internet connection. So if you’re looking for a reliable, efficient way to store all of your important documents securely, this is a great option!

Does The Hp Deskjet 4155e Support Wireless Printing?

The HP Deskjet 4155e supports wireless printing, allowing users to access the printer from any location with a wireless connection. This makes it easy for users to print documents, photos, and other items from their computers or mobile devices. With the correct setup guide and instructions, setting up a wireless connection for the HP Deskjet 4155e is simple and straightforward.

Using the included setup guide, users can configure their wireless connections quickly and easily. Connectivity options such as Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and Near Field Communication are all supported by the HP Deskjet 4155e. This allows users to connect to the printer using a variety of methods depending on their individual needs. Additionally, users can use mobile apps such as AirPrint or ePrint to print wirelessly from their devices without needing additional setup or configuration.

Once connected wirelessly to the HP Deskjet 4155e, users will be able to send print jobs straight from their computer or mobile device at any time. This makes it easy for them to stay productive while on-the-go or in any situation where they may not have access to a traditional wired connection.


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With this convenient feature and its many supported connectivity options, the HP Deskjet 4155e is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable wireless printing solution.

Can I Use The Hp Deskjet 4155e To Scan Multiple Pages At Once?

Yes, it is possible to use the HP Deskjet 4155e to scan multiple pages at once. This is a great feature for anyone who needs to quickly scan documents and have them transferred to either a computer or cloud storage for easy access.

When scanning multiple pages with the HP Deskjet 4155e, you will need to use the right scanning software. This software will allow you to scan multiple pages and then save them as one file or several individual files. It’s important that you make sure your computer has the latest version of the appropriate software installed before attempting to scan multiple pages with the HP Deskjet 4155e.

In addition, if you want an even easier way to scan multiple pages, then you can opt for wireless printing which is supported by the HP Deskjet 4155e. Wireless printing allows you to easily print documents from your mobile device, laptop or desktop without having to connect any cables. Not only does this provide added convenience but it also ensures that your scans are secure and private since they are not being sent over a public network.

Here are some advantages of using wireless printing with the HP Deskjet 4155e:
– Easy and seamless setup process
– Scanning from anywhere in your home
– Secure connection that prevents unauthorized access
– Ability to print directly from cloud storage devices like Google Drive or Dropbox

Wireless printing makes it easy and convenient for users of the HP Deskjet 4155e to quickly scan multiple pages without having any extra cables around their workspace. It also provides users with secure connections so they can be sure their documents are kept safe while they’re being scanned and printed.

Does The Hp Deskjet 4155e Come With Any Software?

The HP Deskjet 4155e is a printer that many people are familiar with. But does it come with any software? Well, the answer is yes. This HP printer comes with software that allows you to scan documents and photos quickly and easily. It also has an installable scanning software with options for color and black-and-white scanning.

The software included in the HP Deskjet 4155e makes it easy to scan multiple pages at once and to customize the output format of your scans. You can also set up multiple profiles for different types of documents or images, and the software will recognize them automatically when you are ready to scan. Additionally, you can adjust the settings so that your scans are optimized for various uses such as printing or sending via email or online platforms.

When it comes to using the HP Deskjet 4155e as a scanner, there is no need to worry about installing additional software as everything you need is already included in the printer itself. All you have to do is follow the instructions on how to set up and use the scanner, then start scanning! With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive features, anyone can become a pro at scanning documents in no time at all!


At the end of the day, it’s clear that the HP Deskjet 4155e is a great scanning tool for those who need to quickly and efficiently scan documents. It supports wireless printing, multiple page scanning and comes with its own software so you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues. Plus, if you’re looking to save scanned images to the cloud, you can do that too!

Overall, this HP Deskjet 4155e is a highly versatile device that covers all bases when it comes to document scanning jobs. Whether I’m needing to scan for work or personal use, I know I can rely on my HP Deskjet 4155e to get the job done. It’s fast, efficient and reliable – just what I need!

So if you’re in the market for a simple and effective document scanner, then look no further – the HP Deskjet 4155e is here to help me stay organized and productive! With its easy setup process and comprehensive features, I’m confident this device will serve me well for years to come.

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