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How To Turn Off Scroll Lock On HP Laptop [Unlock & Remove]

Scroll lock is a key on the keyboard that can be helpful when you’re typing a lot of text and don’t want the cursor to move around.

However, sometimes scroll lock can become activated accidentally, which can be annoying if you’re trying to type or use the arrow keys.

It is very similar to the way you turn Off Insert On Hp laptop using a specific key on your keyboard.

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In this blog post, we’ll show you how to turn off scroll lock on your HP laptop.

Shortcut for scroll lock on Hp laptop:

  • ScLk, ScrLk, or Slk
  • FN + ScLk, ScrLk, or Slk
  • PgUP, PgDn

What Is Scroll Lock On Hp Laptop?

A scroll lock on an hp laptop is a function that allows you to scroll through content on your screen using your keyboard.

Typically, this features allows you to move up, down, left, or right on your screen without touching the mouse.

It is useful for quickly navigating through large documents or web pages, as well as performing certain tasks more efficiently.

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Some newer laptops may have a dedicated keyboard button for activating and deactivating the scroll lock feature, while others may require you to hold down a specific key combination in order to enable it.

Regardless of how it is enabled, a scroll lock on an hp laptop can be a very helpful tool for you whenever you are dealing with a long document.

Where Is The Scroll Lock Key On A Hp Laptop?

The scroll lock key is located on the keyboard of most HP laptops. This key enables you to scroll through documents and websites by pressing it once, or holding it down while scrolling.

Depending on your model of laptop, the scroll lock key may be located in different places on the keyboard, such as next to the F1-F12 keys or above the number pad.

If you’re having trouble finding the scroll lock key on your HP laptop, there are a few tips that can help.

First, consult your laptop’s user manual or look for an online guide that will show you exactly where to find it.

You may also want to check out different forums and discussion boards for advice from other users who have experience using this key on their HP laptops.

Regardless of where the scroll lock key is located on your particular laptop, it is an essential tool for making navigating documents and webpages easier and more efficient.

So if you’re looking to get more out of your HP laptop, be sure to take some time to familiarize yourself with this handy little key!

How To Turn Off Scroll Lock On Hp Laptop

There are a few ways that you can turn off scroll lock on your HP laptop.

One way is to simply press the "Fn" key + the "ScrLk" key. This will toggle the scroll lock feature on and off.

Another way to turn off scroll lock is through the on-screen keyboard. To access the on-screen keyboard, simply click on the Start button and go to "Settings", followed by "Time & Language".

From there, click on "Region & Language", and then select the option for "Keyboards & Languages".

Next, you will see an option for the "On-Screen Keyboard", and you can click this option to open it.


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When the on-screen keyboard is open, you can use your mouse or touchpad to toggle scroll lock on or off.

Alternatively, you can use some of the other function keys or hotkeys available in your laptop’s settings to quickly turn off scroll lock.

How To Unlock Scroll Lock On Hp Laptop

If your keyboard has a Scroll Lock key, simply press it to disable. If your keyboard does not have a Scroll Lock key, you can disable Scroll Lock by going into the Settings app and selecting Devices. Then, select the Keyboard tab and find the toggle for Scroll Lock.

Some keyboards also have a Fn key that allows you to enable and disable Scroll Lock without having to go into any settings. Simply press Fn +Scroll Lock to turn Scroll Lock off.

If you are unable to use your hp keyboard because it has issues, you can unlock the scroll lock key with the fn key through the on screen keyboard.

Simply launch the on screen keyboard and click the scroll lock key to disable it.

Once you’ve unlocked Scroll Lock, you should be able to scroll through documents and webpages as usual.

How To Turn Off Scroll Lock On Hp Laptop In Excel

If you are using an HP laptop and need to turn off the scroll lock feature in Excel, there are a few steps that you can take.


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First, open up your Excel program and locate the scroll lock button on your keyboard. Then, simply press the button or key associated with it to turn off scroll lock.

You may also want to explore other settings within Excel in order to find the best scroll lock configuration for your needs.

With a little bit of experimentation and perseverance, you should be able to find a solution that works well for you.

So if you are looking to increase your productivity while using Excel on an HP laptop, remember to turn off scroll lock as soon as possible.

Shortcut Key For Scroll Lock In HP Laptop

Scroll lock is a key found on many keyboards and is typically used as a shortcut for controlling scrolling or other advanced functions.

In HP laptops, there are several different shortcut keys that can be used to activate scroll lock, including FN + ScLk, ScrLk, or Slk.

These are the shortcut keys:

  • ScLk, ScrLk, or Slk
  • FN + ScLk, ScrLk, or Slk
  • PgUP, PgDn

These shortcuts can be used to adjust the scrolling function of the mouse, or to perform other advanced functions depending on your specific laptop model and settings.

Whether you are a casual computer user or a power user, knowing how to use scroll lock can be an important skill that can help improve your productivity and efficiency while using your HP laptop.


Scroll lock is a toggle key found on the keyboard that locks the cursor into place when scrolling. This can be helpful when you are reading a document and don’t want to move down the page accidentally.

However, if you are not using it, it can be helpful to know how to turn off scroll lock so that you don’t mistakenly hit it and wonder why your cursor isn’t moving.

Scroll lock can also be turned off in Excel by pressing “Ctrl + End.” If you are unable to find the scroll lock key on your hp laptop, comment below and we will help you out!

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