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HP Laptop Mute Button Stuck On Orange

Lately, there’s a bug discovered on most HP laptops where the mute button is usually stuck on orange.

The exciting thing is that while the mute button is stuck on orange, the mute button’s volume works just fine.

The only problem is that the indicator light on the mute button won’t stop showing orange.

Some users claim that while their mute button is stuck on orange, their HP laptop keeps shutting down.

If you are facing this problem, I’m here to share with you why you are having this problem and what you should do to fix it.

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These are the reasons,

Windows update

Anytime Windows is updating itself, it installs a generic driver for your audio instead of the official driver from HP.

This is a common problem for Windows 10 users.

Although a generic driver will work just fine on your HP laptop, it won’t work as the official driver from HP.

What you should know is that all brands of HP laptops come with their dedicated driver.

Yes, they might be similar, but they won’t work like they should if a driver is installed on the wrong computer.

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Audio Driver

There are chances that your audio driver is corrupted or not correctly installed.

This typically happens when your computer trips off while Windows is updating or you’ve installed an audio driver from third party websites.

Third-party websites that provide drivers for your laptop don’t usually give you the right driver.

They only provide generic drivers, which can be useful in some cases but might develop an issue in the long run.

If you need to install an HP driver, download it from HP official website to avoid your mute button stuck on orange.


Users who complain about this problem on the HP forum usually receive replies from HP’s support that the BIOS causes the problem.

This is not wrong. Your BIOS can cause complex problems on your HP laptop without you suspecting that the problem is coming from the BIOS.

In most cases, it’s either you have tampered with your BIOS configuration or the Windows update failed to install your BIOS properly.

Here’s how to fix your HP laptop mute button stuck on orange.


1. Download Audio Driver from HP

Here’s how,

1. Head over to HP Official website to download your driver.

2. Enter your serial number.

3. Click on choose a different OS to change your Operating system.

4. Select your Windows version and click on change.

5. Click on Driver-Audio to expand and reveal your audio driver.

6. Download IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio driver.

7. Once you are done downloading the driver, install it on your HP laptop.

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2. Perform Hard Reset

This is how,

1. Turn off your HP laptop.

2. Disconnect any USB connected to your computer.

3. Disconnect your battery. If your battery is inbuilt, you should open your computer and disconnect it.

4. Unplug your charger. Make sure nothing is connected to your laptop.

5. Now, press and hold your power button for 30 seconds.

6. Reconnect your battery and charger.

7. Turn on your HP laptop.

3. Restore BIOS to Default

Follow the instructions carefully:

1. Turn on your HP laptop.

2. Immediately tap on the F10 key continuously to enter the BIOS setup.

3. Click on F9 to restore BIOS settings to default.

4. Save and exit by clicking on F10.

5. Continue with instructions to restart your HP laptop.


How do I turn off the mute button on my HP laptop?

Here’s how,

1. Click on the speaker icon 🔇 located by the bottom right hand side of your taskbar.

2. Select the speaker to unmute.

How do I fix the orange light on my HP laptop?

1. Download your drivers from hp official website and reinstall.

2. Perform hard reset.

3. Restore your BIOS to default.

What is the little orange light on my HP laptop?

The little orange light on your hp laptop is an indicator light revealing when a button is toggled on.

If an orange light is displayed on a button, it means that button is active.

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