HP Laptop Shuts Off Randomly On Battery Power

A situation where your HP laptop shuts off randomly on battery power means a lot is going on with it.

I’m not saying this for you to get yourself too worried. I’m only saying this because several things can cause your HP laptop to randomly go off even when you are using battery power. Each of these things will need to troubleshoot in other to get to the bottom of the problem.

Personally, I have had this same issue on my HP laptop. Whenever I’m playing games while on battery power, my HP laptop goes off, especially when the game is heavy and requires a lot of graphics.

It was extremely frustrating for me, and I figured I had to look for a solution.

Luckily, I found one after so many trials and errors.

This will involve you taking note of your HP laptops serial number because you will be needing it.

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Today, I will make sure you don’t waste the same time I wasted and give you several options to help you fix your HP laptop.

First of all, let me share with you why you are facing this problem in the first place.

Reasons Why HP Laptop Shuts Off Randomly on Battery Power

These are the reasons,


Overheating is one of the main culprits for your HP laptop to suddenly go off even when you are on battery power.

The reason for this is that your HP laptop is getting hot due to your laptop fan not working as it should, or your computer is placed on a bed or pillow while you are working it.

Avoid placing your HP laptop on surfaces that won’t give room for ventilation. Instead, consider using a laptop cooling pad.

When your HP laptop gets too hot, it automatically shuts off without any warning.

Hardware issues

The hardware inside a laptop has the possibility of developing issues over time. In this case, you should give more attention to your ram, hard drive, and laptop fan.

A damaged hard drive can cause your HP laptop to shut off randomly on battery power. The same goes for your laptop fan not working as it should and your ram disconnecting while your laptop is running.

These problems mentioned above can damage your computer, and you should take them seriously.


Overclocking is common among gamers. They tweak their laptop graphics card to perform more than its limit to get the most performance out of the graphics card.

Overclocking is not entirely bad, but it is bad only when tweaked too much to cause your HP laptop to turn off randomly.

Suppose you know you’ve overclocked your HP laptop in any way. In that case, you have to restore it to its default settings to avoid causing significant damage to your computer.

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A virus is also a culprit.

There are different types of viruses out there. Many of them can manage to find a way into your HP laptop if it’s not protected with antivirus, of course.

It might be hard to identify the type of virus on your laptop. Still, the important thing is to have a reliable antivirus that can scan and eradicate any threat.

If your HP laptop started shutting off randomly after installing an application, you should uninstall the program.

Faulty Charger, Battery, or Power Supply

These are the most common problems a laptop owner is going through, and these problems could be the reason why your HP laptop goes off without any warning.

There’s a possibility that your battery could be shaking, causing your laptop to go off, or your battery is just faulty and needs to be replaced. You can easily confirm this by testing another battery with your HP laptop and check if it goes off.

On the other hand, a faulty charger can cause your HP laptop to trip off because it could be sending the wrong voltage to your computer, causing it to damage a hardware on your motherboard.

Your battery, charger, and power supply all go hand in hand. If one of them goes bad, it negatively affects the rest.

How to fix HP Laptop Shuts Off Randomly on Battery Power

Here’s how,

1. Hard reset

Hard resetting your HP laptop will help drain all the power entirely from your laptop in other to fix little errors automatically.

Here’s how,

  1. Turn off your HP Laptop completely and disconnect both the charger and battery.
  1. Press and hold the power button for 50 seconds.
  1. Reconnect your laptop battery.
  1. Turn on your HP laptop.

Hopefully, this should resolve your problem. If it doesn’t, try the second method instead.

2. Uninstall Battery Drivers

This is how,

  1. Search and click on device manager in windows search.
device manager result
  1. click on the batteries to reveal a drop-down.
batteries in device manager
  1. Right-click on the first drop-down under batteries and select uninstall.
uninstall battery driver in device manager
  1. Proceed with the following instructions to completely uninstall battery drivers.
  1. Restart Your HP laptop

All drivers under batteries must be uninstalled before you restart your HP laptop.

3. Change Power Plan Settings

  1. Search and click on edit power plan in windows search.
edit power plan in windows search
  1. Set turn off the display: to Never under the on-battery section.
power plan settings
  1. Set put the computer to sleep: to Never under the On battery section.
  1. Click on change advanced power settings.
advanced power settings
  1. Scroll down and click on sleep.
advanced sleep settings
  1. Make sure everything under sleep after is set to never.
  1. Click on apply then ok.

4. Check your Vents

What most laptop owners don’t know is that things can get very dusty overtime inside their laptops.

In this case, what is most important is your HP laptop vents. If things get dusty in there, it won’t make your HP laptop fan work properly.

It’s always a great idea to clean things up inside your laptop so things can run as it should.

If you need to be sure if your HP laptop fan is working correctly, place your ear close to your laptop air vents and try to listen if you can hear a fan spinning. At the same time, check to see if you can feel any air blowing onto your face.

If you can feel air blowing onto your face, it means your fan is working and probably needs a little bit of cleaning.

Unfortunately, if you can’t hear any sound and feel any air coming out of your vents, it means you have a problem with your laptop fan.

When you realize your laptop fan isn’t working, you have to stop turning your computer on until you fixed it.

If you decide to continue using your HP laptop without its fan working, you might end up frying your motherboard.

An easy way to use a laptop with a bad fan is to get an external cooling pad.

A cooling pad will keep the temperature of your laptop right where it’s supposed to be. Also, a cooling pad makes things more convenient anytime you decide to use your laptop on your lap or bed.

5. Update Drivers

An easy way to keep your drivers updated is by using windows update. Here’s how,

  1. Enter the following key on your keyboard to open windows settings:
Windows key + I
windows key + I to open system settings
  1. Click on update and security. . My HP Printer is printing very slowly. I’m not sure why this is happening. To find out more, I suggest you check out [Slow HP Printer Speed](https://bestsoltips.com/why-is-my-hp-printer-printing-so-slow/).
update and security in windows settings
  1. Under windows update, click on check for update.
download and install update
  1. After updates have been checked, your computer might begin to download the updates automatically, or you might have to click on download manually if it’s displayed.

It would be best if you also considered keeping your apps up to date.

6. Replace your Battery

Battery plays a massive role in this situation if you’ve tried all the methods above and nothing seems to work.

These are the possibilities you should consider checking about your battery:

  • There’s a chance your battery doesn’t sit right and somehow manages to shake while your laptop is running cause it to shut off randomly.
  • Your battery might be faulty without you noticing. Sometimes when batteries are damaged, they usually act normal most of the time, making you feel like there’s nothing wrong with it. But if you take some time to observe your battery, you should notice some weird behavior like how your HP laptop suddenly shuts off.

A simple way to confirm if your HP laptop battery is the cause for your laptop suddenly tripping off is to test it with another battery.

Before buying a battery, borrow a battery from someone who uses the same laptop you are using and try to see if your laptop goes off. If it doesn’t go off, it means you need to change your battery, but if it goes off, you should continue with the next step.

7. Service Your Laptop

Over time, your HP laptop becomes slow and dusty after so much use. In other restore the laptop performance just like brand new, it needs to be serviced.

Servicing is a way of cleaning up your computer entirely.

This will involve opening your HP laptop and removing components one after the other in other to remove every bit of dust gathering inside your laptop.

Servicing can help you fix problems like your laptop tripping off while it’s on battery.

If you have never serviced your laptop before, you should consider doing so.

The best time to service a laptop is every year.


Why does my HP laptop shut off randomly?

The most common reason for an HP laptop to shut off randomly is due to overheating.

When you Hp laptop overheats, it trips off unexpectedly.

Check out other reasons why your HP laptop shut off randomly.

Why is my HP laptop overheating and shutting down?

Overheating happens when your Hp laptop fan is working as it should or your laptop vents are dusty and not allowing room for ventilation.

Also, placing your laptop on your lap, bed of flat surface can cause overheating.

How do I cool down my HP laptop?

The best way to cool down your HP laptop is by using a cooling pad.

A cooling pad will keep your Hp laptop on the right temperature.

Why is my HP laptop so hot?

Your Hp laptop is so hot because your fan isn’t working properly causing your computer to overheat.
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