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Learn 8 Ways To Increase Your Desktop Efficiency

By reading the title of this article, you might wonder what the need to optimize the desktop when it is already a computer and is supposed to be effective and efficient is. Right?

Not necessarily. The way you use a technology device greatly impacts productivity and its performance. In fact, you can even save money by efficiently using your personal computer. The more carefully you use the device, the less repair it would need. Moreover, this would also help you avoid frustration while using the device.

Therefore, we have created a list of a few tips to help you use your desktop more effectively. 

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Keep the Device Neat and Clean

When your surroundings are clean, it is easier to find things you need. The same goes for your digital workplace or your personal device as well. Consistently working on keeping the device storage sorted will help your system function faster and smoothly. To clean your computer, you may:

  • Delete files you don’t need regularly
  • Empty the recycle bin permanently
  • Make folders and organize your documents and files in those
  • Convert files to different formats to make them editable such as pdf to ppt or doc

Save Documents and Files on Cloud

Instead of storing files, documents, and other material locally on the desktop, save it to the cloud. For example, save business documents on applications like SharePoint or OneDrive. Files stored on the cloud will have many advantages, like:

  • Do away with duplicate versions
  • Access these files from anywhere
  • Restrict access to files
  • Easily find the files you want
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It also helps free up your hard drive space and allows the desktop to run more efficiently and faster. You can work without being dependent on a device. 

For example, if your computer is down, you can use any other device and use your login ID password to log into these applications and access all your documents and files.

Be More Organized With Online Calendar 

To help you stay more organized and in sync, use a shared online calendar. Include deadlines, set up meetings, schedule calls, training, and other important events via this calendar. With this calendar, you get easy online accessibility, auto alerts, and reminders.

  • You can use this calendar to display your available slots
  • Share calendar events directly with the whole organization at once
  • Integrate with teams and schedule meetings

Manage Your Digital Files 

When you store digital files logically on a computer, you save a lot of time and effort that you spend on finding the right file when required. Following an excellent file management strategy will help you in many ways instead such as:

  • Allows managing storage space on the hard drive
  • Enable locating a file faster when you need it the most
  • Storing files with names helps to recognize the right file directly

Update Your System Regularly

Up-to-date software is a key element in keeping your device effective for a long time. Some devices, like those powered by Windows, update the software automatically. These updates can be of any type, such as for security, bug fixes, new enhancements, updates, and more.

  • To check for updates on your device, go to Start, click Settings, select Update and Security, and then tap on Check for Updates.
  • If any app isn’t running smoothly, you can check if there’s an update available for the same, and it might start running smoothly once the update is done.
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Be Environmentally Conscious

As mentioned above, the way we use technology affects productivity, so does the hardware impact the environment. Here are a couple of tips to make your device more environmentally conscious. 

  • Regularly replace your machine and change it between three to five years
  • Upgrade the current operating system if you’re unable to buy a new one
  • Use the device ergonomically, focus on maintaining the right posture
  • Don’t overcharge your device, or it might heat up and radiate harmful waves 

Be Good at Typing to Be More Efficient

If you still hunt-and-peck your way around your device’s keyboard, take time to practice and learn how to type fast. Trust us; you won’t regret it. 

Memorizing frequently used patterns and combinations on the keyboard will benefit you in the following ways.

  • Save you time and effort in performing simple tasks using a keypad or mouse
  • Make you more productive and quick in handling your device
  • Help you practice accuracy and correctness while typing

Learn to Use Keyboard Shortcuts

You will know the difference when you take a bit of time to learn the keypad shortcuts. Try to use your mouse less and practice from the keyboard as it will make you much faster and more efficient in doing simple things.

For instance, you can learn one or two simple ones and then learn on the way. For example, you can start with something simple like Ctrl + C for copy, Ctrl + V to paste, Ctrl + Z for undo.

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