[Solved] MSI Laptop Battery Light Blinking Red

Did you know that 70% of MSI laptop users make complaints about their laptop hinge developing issues overtime? and on top of that, when you get a battery light blinking red or orange, you begin to get more frustrated.

The good thing here is that the solution I have provided below has helped several people to fix their MSI laptop battery light blinking a red color without them having to think maybe they need to replace their charger or battery.

This is usually not the best experience because it won’t enable you to change your keyboard color and also causes your laptop to charge incorrectly but plugged in.

Without wasting any of your time, let’s get to it right away.

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What Does the Blinking Red Battery Light Mean?

The blinking red light on your MSI laptop is letting you know that your battery is not charging properly which will cause your laptop not to turn on.


MSI Problems can be a major issue for computer users, as they can cause system instability and data loss. MSI Problems can be difficult to diagnose and fix, so it is important to be aware of the potential risks associated with them.

The blinking red light could actually be a yellow light on some other MSI Laptop.

When either a red or yellow light is blinking, your computer is letting you know that there’s something wrong somewhere with either your MSI charger, wall socket, battery or motherboard.

It is extremely rare to have issues with your motherboard so put your mind to rest.

Reasons Why MSI Laptop Battery Light Is Blinking Red

1. Faulty Wall Socket

A lot of people overlook their wall socket thinking nothing can be wrong with it, most people overlook their wall socket by simply just forgetting it’s something that can actually damage.


To take a screenshot on an MSI laptop, follow the MSI Laptop Screenshot Guide. It will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to capture and save your screenshots.

The point I’m trying to make is that there’s a possibility that there’s something wrong with your wall socket if your MSI laptop isn’t charging correctly.

A simple way to find out if you have a faulty wall socket is to test your laptop charger with another power outlet.

2. Faulty Charger

Now, this is the most common problem for laptop users. Sometimes, we laptop users fail to detect that our laptop charger is faulty which is quite understandable because we always expect it to work just like the previous day right?

In this case we are trying to solve, if your MSI laptop continue blinking a red or orange light, there’s a chance that you have a faulty charger.

Using a faulty charger to charge your laptop is a big NO! because you are only making things worse. Your motherboard could park up and tell you it’s no longer in business with you if you decide to keep using a faulty charger.

To detect if your MSI laptop charger is faulty, you should test on another MSI laptop or your simple look for a new charger to test your laptop with.

3. Dead Battery

Batteries are also one of the common problems that gives laptop users headache. Unlike your charger, this one easy to detect. Surely you would have noticed your laptop has being going bad overtime.

The point is, if you have a dead battery, charging it can sometimes be a waste of time. This brings us to the question of how can a battery be dead?

A battery can be completely dead when overcharged or completely drained out. Most times, some batteries are able to come back to life when charged properly after a hard reset. In some other cases, your battery could be dead forever.

Charging your MSI laptop that has a dead battery is like charging a laptop without a battery. It doesn’t do anything but cause more problem to your laptop.

If you would like to confirm if your battery is in a good condition, insert it into another laptop and charge it.

4. Dusty Computer

This is something I personally go through all the time. I live in an area that happens to be very dusty and I can testify that dust has a huge effect on a laptop performance.

So, how does this relate to your MSI laptop battery light blinking red you may ask?

Well, the thing is that when there’s too much dust inside your laptop, it can affect so many things like stopping your laptop fan from spinning, clogging important ports like RAM and battery ports and finally slowly killing your laptop.

There’s a possibility that important ports that helps your MSI laptop operate efficiently is clogged up by dust.

When the laptop fan begins to fail, it can begin to cause serious hardware problem such as your camera not working or keyboard issues with can prevent your from taking screenshot.

The only way to resolve this is to dismantle your computer and clear out the dust with a blower or vacuum.

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How to Fix MSI Laptop Battery Light Blinking Red

The following solutions below may require you to disassemble your laptop and if it’s not something you are confident or familiar with, you should look for someone with experience that can help.

Follow the instructions to the end.

1. Reinsert RAM and CMOS Battery

The idea here is to clean out all the dirt that could be stuck inside your RAM or CMOS battery port.

Follow this instruction carefully,

Start by opening your laptop to reveal your RAM and CMOS. This is usually behind the laptop and most laptop needs to unscrew just one screw while other laptop might require all screw to be lose.

Once you can see your RAM and CMOS battery, remove them from their slot carefully.

Note – Be familiar with the location you removed anything from because you are still going to put them back.

Now, wipe the golden edge of your RAM with a clean soft cloth. Also, use the same clean soft cloth to clean your CMOS battery.

The next step is to use a blower to blow unto their respective ports to get rid of any dirt that could be hiding in there. If you don’t have a blower, use your mouth and be careful not to let any saliva drop anywhere on your computer.

Reinsert your RAM and CMOS battery to their right location and then reassemble your laptop.

Connect not your AirPods but your working charger to see if your MSI laptop battery light has stopped blinking red. If it hasn’t, go to the next step.

2. Hard Reset

In this next step, the plan is to drain all the power from your MSI laptop manually through hard reset. Hard resetting your computer is going to automatically erase any currented files that is stopping your computer from charging properly or coming on.

Here’s how,

  1. Make sure your laptop is turned off.
  1. Remove or disconnect your battery.
  1. Remove your charger.
  1. Press and hold your power button for 40sec and then let go.
  1. Reconnect your battery and charger.
  1. Turn on your MSI laptop.

This particular method is meant to work as long as your battery and charger are working perfectly fine. If this method doesn’t work, it means there’s something wrong with either your battery, charger or charging port.

If you manage to successfully fix your MSI laptop with my help, here’s how to prevent future problems on your computer.

How to Prevent MSI Laptop Battery Light from Blinking Red

The only way you can help your computer to avoid problems like this is to use a software that will automatically keep your condition.

Luckily for you, there’s an all-in-one Utility tool named Advanced SystemCare that basically does everything for you to keep your computer in the perfect condition all the time.

This is what Advance SystemCare Can do:

  • Detect & Remove viruses, malware, ransomware.
  • Protect your PC in real time.
  • Block unwanted access to sensitive data.
  • Clean & speed up your computer.
  • Increase your internet speed up to 300% faster.
  • Increase your Boot up time up to 200% quicker.
  • It offers privacy shield for better privacy protection.
  • Anti-tracking for safer online browsing.
  • Auto RAM clean for smoother PC running.

Here’s how to install Advanced SystemCare,

  1. Download Advanced SystemCare (88.79MB) on your computer.
  1. Install the software after downloading
  1. Launch the program and navigate to
  1. Check all and click on start scan. (Give it a minute to scan your entire computer)
  1. Click on Fix.
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  1. I solved mine by unplugging the AC power cord from the wall, while the computer was on, and letting the residual charge in the power adapter drain. Once the green LED indicator on the power adapter went out, indicating that the residual charge had drained down, I plugged the AC cord back in and it was fine, charging normally again.

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