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MSI Laptop Plugged In Not Charging

Are you also having issues with your MSI laptop not charging even when it’s plugged in? If your answer is Yes then I have a solution for you.

This plugged in not charging problem is common on gaming laptop’s running on windows 10 and what happens is that the battery is static on 0 for a long period of time and won’t charge.

On other people’s computers, the battery percentage might be between 0 to 100 and won’t charge at all. Instead of the battery to charge, it decrease instead.

I also faced this same problem with my laptop a few years back and it got me so frustrated that I had to use my laptop like that. Meaning that I used my laptop with the charger plugged in for power sake because my battery wasn’t charging.

I used my laptop like that for some months because I couldn’t find any solution to my problem.


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It then got to a point when I got super frustrated and decided to open my laptop to see what was going on in it. And then I decided to reset my CMOS battery just for trial sake.

That decision made me happy throughout that day because it worked.

In this article, I will share with you the methods I used that worked for me to help you charge your MSI laptop correctly.

Early Warning

Do not leave your MSI laptop charger plugged in when it’s not charging your laptop. The reason for this is because your battery is at risk of degrading and getting swollen in a very short period of time.

The reason I am warning you about this is because it happened to me when I also had issues with my laptop not charging when it’s plugged in.

I discovered that after I resolved my problem and my laptop started charging normally, I noticed that my battery got swollen and the battery life span went from 8hrs to 30min.

Avoid making the mistake I made to keep your battery in a healthy condition. If you really need to use your MSI laptop, then you should simply disconnect your battery first and then use your charger directly.

Most modern laptops can work this way to avoid destroying their battery. If you would use this method, make sure you shut down your laptop before disconnecting your charger.


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Reasons Why MSI Laptop Isn’t Charging When Plugged In

These are the reasons:

  1. Poor power Supply
  2. Corrupted Battery Driver
  3. Damaged Battery
  4. Damaged Charger

1. Poor power Supply

Your power supply plays an important role for your MSI laptop to charge properly. If you have a bad power supply, it would affect your charger resulting in it not charging your laptop properly.

The most common symptoms for a poor power supply is when the power outlet is faulty or damaged. Using a bad or faulty power outlet is not always advisable because it could be sending a lower voltage to your MSI laptop which could damage your MSI laptop battery and charger overtime.

You should inspect your power outlet properly and also test with other power outlets to make sure your power supply might be the root of your problem.

2. Corrupted Battery Driver

Drivers are very important for your MSI laptop to be able to carry out its functions properly. In this situation your battery drivers need to be properly installed before your charger can charge your Computer correctly.

In a situation where your battery might be corrupted, your MSI laptop won’t charge even when plugged in. You would have to uninstall and reinstall the battery drivers before your laptop starts charging again.

Another way to resolve a corrupted battery is to perform a windows update to quickly update all the drivers on your MSI laptop.

3. Damaged Battery

Your MSI laptop battery is a key suspect to why your MSI laptop is not charging when plugged in. There’s a possibility that you might have a faulty battery that refuses to charge when you plug in your MSI charger.

To identify if your battery is faulty, all you have to do is to pop out your battery from your MSI laptop and check if it is swollen or leaking any fluid. If your MSI laptop battery is inbuilt, you would have to open up your MSI laptop with a screwdriver to check your battery properly.

If you find out your battery is swollen or leaking any fluid, you have to dispose of the battery and get a new one to avoid damaging your entire laptop. In the situation where your laptop battery seems fine, you would have to inspect your charger.

4. Damaged Charger

If your MSI laptop is still not charging when plugged in, you should inspect your charger after inspecting every other option listed above.

Your charger is very important and it needs to be in excellent condition when you expect it to charge your MSI laptop correctly.

If it happens to be partially damaged or damaged entirely, then it will result in your MSI computer not charging and the only way you can resolve it is to get a new charger.

You should test with your friend’s charger if you know you can’t afford to buy a new charger.


How To fix MSI Laptop Plugged In Not Charging:

  1. Reset CMOS
  2. Uninstall Drivers
  3. Update Battery Drivers
  4. Change Power Plan
  5. Windows Update

1. Reset CMOS

Resetting your CMOS battery is always the first solution to try anytime you are having issues with your battery not charging.

What resetting the CMOS battery will do is that it will drain all the energy entirely from your MSI laptop which should get rid of any errors stored on your computer.

Here’s how to reset CMOS battery:

  1. Turn off your MSI laptop.
  1. Disconnect every USB cable and charger from your laptop.
  1. Open the back of your laptop to reveal its motherboard.
  1. Disconnect your battery. (Detach your battery if it’s inbuilt).
  1. Remove the CMOS battery. (It looks like a coin).
  1. Press and hold your power button for 30 – 50 sec and then release your hand.
  1. Reconnect the CMOS battery.
  1. Reconnect or re attach your laptop battery.
  1. Plug in your charger.
  1. turn on your MSI laptop.

This should resolve your problem and your laptop should start charging. If it’s still not working, you should go through the steps again but this time, turn on your laptop without the CMOS battery.

Turn off your laptop again because it won’t boot up properly or you might hear a beeping noise. Reinsert the CMOS battery and then turn it on again.

2. Uninstall Drivers

The idea here is to uninstall and reinstall your battery drivers to get rid of the previously corrupted driver.

Here’s how:

  1. Search for device manager in windows search.
  1. Launch device manager.
  1. Inside device manager, click on battery to reveal more options in a drop down format.
  1. Inside the battery drop down, you will need to uninstall every driver underneath the battery driver.
  1. To uninstall, right click on the first driver underneath and click on Uninstall device.
  1. Uninstall any other driver underneath if you have more than one.
  1. Restart your MSI laptop.
  1. Your battery drivers will be installed automatically when your computer fully loads.

3. Update Battery Drivers

Here’s how:

  1. Search for device manager in windows search.
  1. Launch device manager from the results.
  1. Click on the battery driver to reveal more options.
  1. Right click on the first driver beneath the battery driver and click on update driver.
  1. Select search automatically for drivers.
  1. Continue with the instructions to completely update your battery drivers.
  1. Perform the same update on the rest of the drivers beneath the battery driver.
  1. Restart your computer when you are done.

4. Change Power Plan

Your computer has 3 power plans you can switch to.

  • Balanced
  • Power saving
  • High performance

Switching between these power plans can make a huge difference and hopefully your MSI laptop can start charging normally.

Here’s how.

  1. Right click on the battery icon displayed on your taskbar.
  1. Select windows mobility centre.
  1. Focus on the section that displays the battery icon.
  1. Switch between balanced, power saving and high performance mode.
  1. Make sure you check if your MSI laptop is charging while switching to each mode.

5. Windows Update

Windows update will help you automatically install all the necessary drivers your MSI laptop requires. Doing this will make sure you have no driver on your computer that is incompatible for your laptop to charge.

Here’s how:

  1. Search for update in windows search.
  1. Click on check for updates in the search results.
  1. Select update now.
  1. If you can’t find an update now, click on any option related to update to view more and then update.
  1. Once you are done updating, you would need to restart your computer.
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