[SOLVED] MSI laptop won’t turn on

MSI laptop is an excellent gaming computer because of its unique performance but there are times when it just won’t turn on for some weird reason. Especially when you are about to use your laptop for something productive like taking a screenshot. Although, when we look at troubleshooting problems when MSI laptop won’t turn on, we see the case isn’t different.

If you are experiencing a problem where your MSI laptop won’t turn on, you should keep reading this article because I have explained how this problem can be fixed below.

Although it can be a mysterious thing when your laptop suddenly won’t turn on, there are some symptoms that can come along with it.

Possible Symptoms:

  • Black screen
  • Screen won’t turn on
  • Won’t turn on after Shutting down
  • MSI laptop turned off completely
  • No lights
  • Won’t charge
  • Won’t turn on after sleep
  • Won’t turn on unless plugged in

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms above, you should first understand the reason why your MSI laptop is developing this problem in the first place.

Reasons Why won’t MSI Laptop Turn On

There are several reasons why your MSI laptop will refuse to turn on but I was able to put together three main reasons that should be your focus.

These are the reasons:

  1. Bad Power Source
  2. Dead Battery
  3. Damaged Charger

1. Bad Power Source

The first thing you should examine is your power source to determine if your MSI laptop is getting the right amount of power or no power at all.

Inspect your wall socket or extension to know if it is giving out power by testing it with something like your pressing iron or phone charger. If the items you plugged in happen to be working perfectly, then it means there’s something wrong with either your MSI laptop charging port or charger itself.

And if the items you plugged in didn’t charge, it means you have a damaged power source that needs to be fixed or replaced. You will have to connect your MSI laptop to another power source before you can determine if your MSI laptop will turn on.

2. Dead Battery

There’s a chance that you might have overlooked your battery thinking it’s decently or fully charged whereas in reality, your battery is dead and your MSI laptop won’t turn on with a dead battery.

In other situations, your laptop battery could have been completely drained after being left idle and will require more time to charge to regenerate itself.

What you should do is to leave your MSI laptop charging for 30 to 45 minutes and then come back to turn it on to see if it will work perfectly.

If it doesn’t turn on, check your charger.

3. Damaged Charger

Your MSI charger plays an important role for your MSI laptop to work properly. A damaged charger can be hard to notice at times.

Your laptop may be charging properly whereas in reality it is damaged and needs to be replaced. An example of a damaged charger that is working is when you often get this plugged in not charging error on your MSI laptop.

So, don’t get all comfortable thinking your charger is working fine whereby it’s the opposite. Take some time in inspecting your MSI charger properly with another laptop to see if it truly is working properly.

Better still, test out someone else’s charger with your MSI laptop to see if it will turn on.

How To Fix MSI Laptop Won’t Turn On

Turning on your MSI laptop shouldn’t be a problem with the detailed steps below. All you have to do is to drain your MSI laptop from all the energy it carries to get rid of any stored errors and then starting afresh with a new energy for your computer not to recognize or make use of any error.

Here’s how to fix MSI laptop won’t turn on:

  1. Disconnect All Peripherals.
  2. Unplug Your Charger.
  3. Disconnect Your Battery.
  4. Open The Back of Your MSI Laptop.
  5. Disconnect The CMOS Battery.
  6. Hold The Power Button for 40-50sec.
  7. Reconnect The CMOS Battery.
  8. Reconnect Your Charger and Battery.
  9. Turn on Your MSI Laptop.

1. Disconnect All Peripherals

The first step is to disconnect all USB, memory card or HDMI connected to your MSI Laptop. By doing so, you won’t interfere with the process.

2. Unplug Your Charger

Your charger needs to be disconnected because the aim we are trying to achieve here is to drain your MSI laptop from all energy to get rid of any stored errors.

3. Disconnect Your Battery

Your battery also needs to be disconnected to completely drain your MSI laptop. You should eject your battery if you are using a removable battery.

If your battery is inbuilt, you will have to open up your MSI laptop to unplug or detach the battery.

4. Open The Back of Your MSI Laptop

Get a screwdriver and open up your MSI laptop to reveal your RAM and motherboard.

5. Disconnect The CMOS Battery

Take out the battery that looks like a coin from where it sits. Note the way the CMOS battery was placed for the sake of putting it back correctly the next time.

6. Hold The Power Button for 40-50sec

Hold down your power button for 40 to 50 seconds and then release your hand.

7. Reconnect The CMOS Battery

Reconnect your CMOS battery back to where it sits. You want to make sure you are placing the CMOS battery correctly.

8. Reconnect Your Charger And Battery

First insert your battery and then your charger follows. If your battery is inbuilt, make sure to attach the cable properly before closing your MSI laptop.

9. Turn on Your MSI Laptop

At this stage, your MSI laptop will turn on and everything should be working normally.

If you still have any trouble, drop a comment below and I’ll assist you.


What do I do if my MSI laptop Won’t turn on?

Here’s what to do:

  • Charge your MSI laptop for a long period of time.
  • Reset the CMOS battery.
  • Inspect your charger to see if it is working.

Take each of the following mentions one after the other to diagnose your MSI laptop properly.

How do I restart my MSI laptop with the power button?

It’s impossible to restart your MSI laptop with its power button. But what you can do is to shut down manually and then press the power button to restart it again.

How do I force my MSI laptop to turn on?

The only way to turn on your MSI laptop is by pressing the power button. If doesn’t come on then you can take this extra step:

Turn on your MSI laptop without the Battery, RAM and CMOS battery. Only power on your MSI laptop from its charger alone.

Obviously, your MSI laptop won’t turn on properly so you will have to turn it back off by holding down the power button.

After that, reinsert your RAM, Battery and CMOS battery and turn on your MSI laptop normally.

2 thoughts on “[SOLVED] MSI laptop won’t turn on”

  1. My MSI GL63 8RC charger light illuminates and is obvious that its charging, but still won’t turn on. I tried disconnecting battery and charger and holding down power button for 50 seconds, it started and then shut back off after maybe a minute. How do I do the next option by removing the RAM CMOS battery and battery? thank you for you help in advanced.

    1. You will have to open a the back of your MSI laptop to reach the CMOS battery. It looks like a coin when you find it. Follow these steps when you do:

      1. Disconnect the CMOS battery.
      2. Disconnect laptop battery.
      3. Disconnect Ram
      4. Hold your power button for 40 to 50 sec.
      5. Put everything right back to its place.
      6. Connect your charger and turn on your MSI laptop.
      7. It should work now.

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