Not Enough Memory To Open This Page

While you are using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge or any other browser, and you get an error like this:

Not Enough Memory To Open This Page

In most cases, there’s no need to be worried because it could be caused or triggered by several things o your computer. These causes and triggers will be provided in this article along with its solutions. But first, you need to know what this error mean.

What Does Not Enough Memory To Open This Page Mean?

This is a browser error that indicates when you have insufficient RAM (Random Access Memory) to open a web page or website. So, this is clearly about your computer memory and if you know you have a poor RAM size installed on your computer, now you know where your problem is coming from. You should understand that computers with higher RAM can also get this error just like computers using a smaller RAM. . Slow Steam Download Speed is a common issue that many gamers face. To find out why your Steam download speed is so slow, check out [Slow Steam Download Speed]( It all depends on the number of programs currently using your RAM while chrome or any other browser needs it.

Why You Are Getting The Not Enough Memory To Open This Page Error

Not Enough Memory To Open This Page error
The major reason why you get this error is due to an insufficient RAM your browser requires to open a website. Like i mentioned above, you can also get this error if you have enough RAM space on your computer. It basically depends on how programs on your computer are using your RAM. Here’s an example, If you have 4GB of RAM on your computer and several programs are currently using 90% of the RAM and your computer itself uses 5%, this means your computer has only 5% RAM to spare for every other thing you want to do on your computer which really isn’t enough to do anything. Your browser on the other hand cannot work with 5% because it surprisingly require a lot of RAM. So, what exactly is the requirement?

How Much RAM Do You Need?

Browsers require a significant amount of RAM when in use but Chrome on the other hand requires a lot more because of its known for using a dramatic amount of RAM. The minimum RAM requirements for Google Chrome, Microsoft edge and other browser is 1GB if you are running on windows 10. If your running on an older version of windows, the minimum is 2GB.

How To Fix Not Enough Memory To Open This Page

Here are the troubleshooting methods to fix this memory error. Each of these methods is applicable to all browsers, especially Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Let’s get started,

1. Reduce Opened Tabs

A single opened tab in your browser is enough to pull a significant amount of RAM usage on your computer talkless of opened multiple browser tabs, which is the perfect ram killer. By reducing the amount of opened tabs, you are surely freeing a good amount of RAM storage space for your browser. Here’s how to close tabs in your browser, Click on the X icon located within the tab to close it.
closing tab in google chrome
To close multiple tabs, you simply have to keep clicking on the X icon of the tab you wish to close.
closing multiple tabs in chrome
After reducing the number of tabs in your browser, open the web page again to see if the error appears again. If it does, continue with step 2. If you would like to know more about chrome tabs, check out this guide to save tabs in chrome. . An [existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host Minecraft](

2. Disable All Browser Extensions

If you are the type of person that works with several extensions with your browser, this is the time you have to cut down the amount of extensions you are using to create more ram storage for your browser to use. Your best bet is to disable all extensions and try to open the page to see if you are going to get the error. Here’s how to disable all your extensions,

For Google Chrome

1. Click on options in Chrome.
browser options
2. Select more tools.
browser tools
3. Choose extensions.
browser extensions
4. Toggle off all your extensions.
toggle icon

For Microsoft Edge

1. Click on options in Edge browser.
microsoft edge options
2. Among the options, click on extensions.
microsoft edge extensions
3. Disable all your installed extensions WIth all you extensions disabled, you must have created more RAM storage for your browser. Try to open the web page again to check for the error.

3. Close Unused Programs With Task Manager

You have probably done all the right settings in your browser to create RAM storage but somehow, the effect isn’t so much. Well, this could be because your browser isn’t the cause for your computer being low on memory. Your installed programs are the cause. Even though you have closed some certain programs, there a chance they could still be running in the background withought you noticing. Aside that, some programs just require too much RAM usage that could leave little to nothing for your browser to use. The best way to deal with this kind of programs is to force close them with task manager. Here’s how, 1. Open task manager with the following command.
Ctrl + Shift + Esc
task manager shortcut key
2. Click on more details to reveal more advanced details.
more details task manager
3. Click on memory once to rank your programs based on which is using your RAM the most. The programs that use your RAM the most will be display from an ascending order.
task manager memory
4. Now select the program with the highest memory usage.
task manager memory section
5. Click on end task to force close that program.
ending program in task manager
6. Launch your web browser to confirm if you don’t get the not enough memory to open this page error. If you have a program on your computer that refuses to close through the task manager, it means the program is malicious and needs to be uninstalled. If you think the program isn’t malicious, then there’s a chance the program is faulty and needs to be repaired.

4. Free Storage Space

Browsers like Google Chrome requires your computer to have at least 100MB of free hard drive space to run efficiently. If you read your way here from the beginning of this article, you would remember I mentioned that. If you have insufficient storage on your computer, you can create more storage by finding all the large files on your computer and deleting them. Another way to create more storage on your computer is to use windows 10 free tool to free up your storage. Here’s how, 1. Search for storage settings in windows search.
storage settings in windows search
2. Click on storage settings among the search result.
storage settings in windows search result
3. Click on configure storage sense or run it now.
configure storage sense or run it now
4. In the temporary files section, check the box beside delete temporary files that my apps aren’t using.
delete temp files
5. Change delete files in my recycle bin to 60 days.
delete files in recycle bin temporary files
6. Change delete files in my download folder to 60 days. If you have files you don’t want to delete in your download folder, set it to never.
delete files in download folder temporary files
7. Click on clean now.
free up space on windows 10

5. Expand Page Filing

By expanding page filing on your computer, you can allocate more virtual memory from your hard drive which should help Google chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other browsers to have enough RAM to display web pages. Here’s how to expand page filtering on your computer, 1. Search for view advanced system settings in windows search.
advance system settings in windows search
2. Click on view advanced system settings from the search result.
advance system settings in windows search result
3. In the performance section, click on settings.
system properties performance settings
4. Navigate to the advanced tab.
advanced performance options
5. Click on change in the virtual memory section.
change virtual memory
6. Uncheck Automatically managed paging file size for all drive.
virtual memory
7. Click on custom size.
virtual memory custom size
8. In the initial size (MB), input a figure that doesn’t fall below your recommended and go beyond your currently allocated. Your recommend and currently allocated are viewed below in the total paging file size section. 9. In the maximum size (MB), Input the same figure as the initial or something larger. 10. Click on set amd then ok.
virtual memory ok

6. Clear Cache

Cache files will accumulate over time depending on how frequently you use your computer. Failure to clear these cache files after every three weeks on your computer could result in the memory error you are getting in your Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. Cache files are stored in your browser and on your laptop. Here’s how to clear them,

For Chrome

1. Click on option in Chrome browser.
browser options
2. Choose settings among the options.
browser settings
3. Scroll down to the Privacy & Security section.
browser privacy and security
4. Click on clear browsing data.
clear browser data
5. Make sure you are on the advanced tab.
clear browsing data advanced tab
6. Set the time range to all time.
browser data time range
7. Check the box beside cookies and other site data and cached images and files.
clearing browser cache and cookies
8. Click on clear data.
Clear data
9. Restart Chrome and try to open the web page again to see if you the not enough memory to open this page occurs again.

For Microsoft Edge

1. Click on options in Microsoft Edge. 2. Choose settings at the bottom of the list. 3. Navigate to the privacy and security tab and click on choose what to clear.
choose what to clear in microsoft edge
4. Click on clear.
clear data in microsoft edge

From Your Computer

Clearing cache files entirely from your is more in depth and needs to be taking step by step. Here’s a guide that will help you clear windows 10 cache files.

7. Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

With your hardware acceleration enabled, it can sometimes cause unexpected issues just like the not enough memory to open this page error. Hardware acceleration is only available for chrome and not Microsoft Edge. Disabling it could decrease your chances of getting the error. Here’s how to turn off hardware acceleration for Chrome, 1. Click on the three-dotted icon three dotted option at the top right-hand corner in chrome. 2. Among the options, choose settings. 3. Then scroll down to the bottom and click on advanced.
advanced in google chrome
4. You will see hardware acceleration under the system section.
system settings in google chrome
5. Turn it off when you find it. 6. Visit the web page again to see if you get the error.

8. Update Your Chrome To 64-Bit

A 64-bit chrome version is designed to use more memory on your computer to open web pages when required. Here’s how, 1. Go to options in Google Chrome. 2. Click on help among the options. 3. Select about Google Chrome. 4. In the about section, make sure your version shouldn’t be older than
Version 85.0.4183.83 (Official Build) (64-bit) and must include the 64-bit. 5., If you can’t find 64-bit, you should download the 64-bit version of chrome and then install it on your computer.

6. After installi

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