Oops, Looks Like Your Browser Was Told To Deny Us Microphone Access

Are you getting the following error from Steam?

oops, looks like your browser was told to deny us microphone access

If your answer is yes, you are reading the right article that will give you the answers you need. The denied microphone access error you are getting from Steam is actually a common type of error that you shouldn’t get too worried about. Without wasting any of your time, I will provide information’s that will guide you to resolve this error. But first, let me give you few reasons why you are getting this microphone access error in the first place. . MapleStory Runtime Error Fixes can be a frustrating issue to deal with. Fortunately, [MapleStory Runtime Error Reasons & Solutions](https://bestsoltips.com/maplestory-runtime-error-reasons-solutions/) can help you identify the cause of the error and provide solutions to help you get back to playing the game. Click Here to learn about the best laptop in 2021!

Reasons Why Your Browser denied Steam microphone access

These are the reasons,

1. Microphone Access is disabled

When microphone access is disabled on your computer, third-party applications won’t have the permission to use your microphone. For applications to have permission to use your microphone, the microphone access has to be enabled. A simple way to enable microphone access is through settings and I’ll show you how soon.

2. Windows 10 Update

Many Steam users complained about their microphone stopped working after windows 10 was updated on their computer. There’s a possibility that windows 10 recently windows update might have changed your microphone settings and all you have to do is to change it back to get it fixed. Windows update is known to tweak program settings sometimes which can cause a hassle for the user. If you started getting the oops, looks like your browser was told to deny us microphone access error after windows update was installed, all you have to do to solve it is to change your microphone settings to give access to third-part applications.

3. Steam Account Is Active on another computer

Things can get conflicting if Steam detect one of its users signed in to multiple devices at the same time. This can cause your microphone to not work during steam voice chat. If you know you have signed your Steam account on other devices, it’s best you sing out to resolve this problem.

How to fix your browser from denying microphone access

Follow the instruction carefully to successfully fix your microphone issues.

1. Enable Microphone Access to your apps

Here’s how, 1. Open windows settings with the following command:
Windows Key + I
windows settings
2. Click on Privacy.
privacy in windows settings
3. Navigate to the microphone section by you left hand side.
microphone tab windows settings
4. Enable allow apps to access your microphone.
enable app access to microphone
5. Scroll down a bit and enable allow desktop apps to access microphone.
enable desktop app access to microphone

2. Disable your antivirus

For the sake of this tutorial, I’ll show you how to disable windows defender antivirus. Here’s how, 1. Search for windows security in windows search.
window security in windows search
2. Click on windows security among the search result.
window security in windows search result
3. Click on virus & threat protection.
Virus and threat protection in windows settings
4. Click on manage settings in the virus & threats protection settings.
manage virus and threat settings
5. Disable real-time protection.
turn off real time protection
6. Click on Yes when see a pop up to fully disable antivirus. If you are using a different kind of antivirus, comment below with the antivirus you are using so I can show you how you can disable it.

3. Sign out Steam From other devices

Like I mentioned earlier explaining the reasons why your browser denied Steam microphone access, signing your Steam account on multiple devices at the same time can be very conflicting for Steam. You will have to sign out your Steam account from all the devices except the only device you want active. Point is, make sure only one device is signed in to Steam if you want your browser to give microphone access to applications like Steam.

4. Disable audio enhancements

Here’s how, 1. Right-click on sound icon located at the bottom right-hand corner of your computer screen.
sound icon in task bar
2. Click on open sound settings.
open sound settings
3. Select sound control panel in the related settings section.
sound control panel
4. Select your headphone.
selected headphone device
5. Click on properties.
selected headphone properties
6. Navigate to the enhancements tab.
Enhancement tab in headphone property
7. Check the box to disable all enhancements.
disable enhancements
8. Click on OK to apply.

5. Enable Microphone Permission in your Browser

This method will work for any browser including Chrome and Microsoft edge. Here’s how 1. Launch your browser.
Google Chrome
2. Click on options.
Options in google chrome
3. Select settings.
Google chrome settings
4. Click on site settings or site permissions.
Chrome site settings
5. Now, click on microphone.
Chrome browser microphone permission
6. Make sure ask be accessing is enabled.
Enable microphone in chrome browser

6. Clear Steam cache

Here’s how, 1. Launch Steam. 2. Navigate to menu. 3. Click on settings. 4. Click on web browsing by your left-hand side. 5. Now, click on delete web browser cache located by your right-hand side. 6. Finally, click on delete all browser cookies.

7. Set your microphone as Default in chat settings

Here’s how, 1. Click on the gear icon inside your chat window. 2. Navigate to the voice input device section. 3. Set your microphone as the input device.

8. Give Steam Access to record with your microphone

Here’s how, 1. Launch Steam. 2. Navigate to Steam menu and click on settings. 3. Select broadcasting by your left-hand side. 4. Check the box next to record my microphone. 5. Click on Ok.


How do I allow steam to access my microphone?

You can allow steam to access your microphone by giving it access through windows settings and your browser. Check out this guide for the tutorial.

How do I enable my microphone on Chrome?

1. Click on the gear icon inside your chat window.
2. Navigate to the voice input device section.
3. Set your microphone as the input device.

Why won’t steam pick up my mic?

Steam is not picking up your microphone because microphone access has been disabled on your computer.
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