How To Open Redragon Mouse Software: Download & Install In 2022

Have you finally purchased a Redragon mouse, and are you trying to figure out how to open its software and tweak its settings? If that’s you, I’m here to assist you in how you can go about it and the proper way to access your Redragon mouse software.

You can successfully open your Redragon mouse software in these simple steps:

  1. Download the Redragon mouse software for the official website. . To switch to HDMI on HP, Dell, Lenovo, and MSI laptops, click [Switch to HDMI Laptops]( This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to connect your laptop to an external display.
  2. Install the Redragon mouse software on your computer.
  3. Finally, open the Redragon mouse software.

After purchasing cool gaming mice from Redragon, the next thing in anyone’s mind would be to explore every feature the mouse has to offer.

The best way to explore those features would be to access the mouse software because you would be able to change any of the mouse settings without it.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to open the mouse software on their computer. Most of the people affected by this are MAC users.

Luckily, there’s a way to get around this, and I’m here to show you.

How To Open Redragon Mouse Software

Opening the Redragon mouse software I possible on a Windows computer, and the process is simple. It requires you to be ready to download the software and then install it on your computer before opening it. If you are having challenges opening it, follow the instruction below.

Here’s how:

  1. Ensure you have already downloaded the Redragon mouse software on your computer.
  1. Install the software.
  1. Now, double-click on the Redragon software to open.

Once it opens, you will access the application to change your mouse settings.

Does Redragon Mouse Have Software?

Yes, Redragon has software for any of its mice.


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Redragon produces a wide variety of gaming mice, and each of these mice comes along with its own software.

This means that Redragon doesn’t have a single software used for every Redragon mouse; instead, each mouse must have its own software.

For example,

Suppose you own a Redragon M612 gaming mouse. In that case, you will have to download the Redragon M16 gaming mouse software before accessing the settings.

Unfortunately, not many people like this idea because it causes several complications when dealing with different Redragon mouse models.

It creates room for some Redragon mouse not to have a proper standard solution when they run into a problem.

Redragon indeed has a mouse software for all their mouse, but you should understand that each of those mouse works with it’s own dedicated software.

So if you purchase a Redragon keyboard, you may find a variety of mouse software available. Still, if you cannot find the mouse software that supports your mouse, you will be unable to use it with the software.

It’s important to know which Redragon mouse has its software already available before purchasing a Redragon mouse. You won’t find it difficult to change the mouse settings.

How To Download Redragon Mouse Software

The exciting thing about all Redragon mouse is that it comes with software for you to explore and tweak its settings. Before you can use this software, you will have to download it from Redragon official website.

Redragon Mouse Software Download if offered for free on the Redragon website. They have individual software for each mouse that is readily available for download.

Downloading the right software for your mouse is essential and make sure you don’t select the wrong mouse software.

Make sure you select the mouse software compatible with your Redragon mouse. The easy way to know this is to download the mouse software that matches the name of your Redragon mice.

I’ll show you can download the mouse software on either your Windows or MAC laptop.

How To Download Redragon Mouse Software On Windows

The Redragon mouse software is compatible with all Windows versions such as Windows XP, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11.

Here’s how to download it:

  1. Visit the Redragon website.
  1. Click on the mouse tab.
  1. Identify the model of your Redragon mouse.
  1. Look for the model of your mouse among the list of downloadable mouse software.
  1. Once you find your mouse, click on it.
  1. You will get a small pop-up box displaying your mouse software.
  1. Now, download your mouse software on your computer.

How To Download Redragon Mouse Software On MAC

Downloading the Redragon mouse software on MAC is complicated. Many people have complained that they can’t find the software anywhere for download.

It seems Redragon only created its mouse software for Windows users because if you look closely on their website.

Their software download section only contains software’s primarily for Windows computers, and MAC’s availability is nowhere to be found.

Although, a user on reddit seems to have found a way to download Redragon mouse software on a MAC computer and his suggestion was to download it using bootcamp.

Another Reddit user suggested that you can download it on MAC using a virtual machine. Please let me know through the comments if you can achieve this.

This situation has led many MAC users to ask if Redragon mouse software is available for them to use along with their Redragon mouse.

Is Redragon Mouse Software Available For MAC?

Unfortunately, the Redragon mouse software is not available for MAC users. Redragon doesn’t offer the download of any its mouse software available to a MAC computer.

The only way to download the Redragon mouse software is to use it with a Windows computer. Or you can purchase an Apple gaming mouse instead.

How To Install Redragon Mouse Software

The Redragon mouse software installation process is easy and requires no need for tech experience. Installing the mouse software is the same way and method you would install any other software on your computer.

Here’s how:

  1. Make sure you already have the downloaded Redragon mouse setup.
  1. Locate the setup and double click on it.
  1. When you get a prompt, click on yes.
  1. Click on next.
  1. Now, click on install.
  1. Once the Redragon mouse software is installed, click on done.

It’s just that simple to install the software on a Windows computer

Can You Install Redragon Mouse Software On MAC

You can’t install a Redragon mouse software on a MAC because they don’t support it. Redragon doesn’t create any mouse software for MAC computers, so it is impossible to install it.

The only way to install the mouse software is by using a Windows computer because that is the only operating system that supports Redragon.

How To Open Redragon Mouse Software On Mac

Unfortunately, it is impossible to open Redragon mouse software on MAC because it is not supported on MAC computers.

You can only open the software by using Bootcamp or a virtual machine. Many MAC users don’t like this idea because they cannot change the settings of their Redragon mouse.

The software for a Redragon will not be able to open on any MAC computer because of compatibility issues.

How Do I Access Redragon Mouse Settings?

The whole point of installing a Redragon mouse software is to access and change the mouse settings to whatever you want.

Accessing the mouse settings is easy, and you can achieve it with the following instructions.

Here’s how:

To access the Redragon mouse settings, you would need to have already downloaded your mouse software on your computer before you can gain access.

Once the Redragon mouse software’s download and installation are complete, you will be able to access the settings.

How To Use Redragon Mouse Software

Using any Redragon gaming mice is easy, and you can try it for yourself with the following instructions.

Here’s how,

  1. Install the Redragon mouse software on your computer.
  1. Connect your Redragon mouse to your computer using a wired cable or Bluetooth.
  1. Your Redragon mice will automatically connect within a few minutes.
  1. Start to move your mouse to use it.
  1. Open the Mouse software to change its settings to your preference.
  1. you are done.
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