Redragon Software Not Working: Mouse And Keyboard Fix

Redragon keyboard, mouse, and other gadgets are some of the best gaming gadgets that many gamers stick to nowadays. The only issue that some seem to complain about is the Redragon software not working correctly.

These are the complaints that Redragon users complain about the most about the Redragon software.

  • Redragon Device Not Detected.
  • Redragon Software Not Saving Settings.
  • Redragon Software Not Downloading.
  • Redragon Software Not Finding Mouse.
  • Redragon Software Not Opening.

All of these software issues are very frustrating to the user because they are unable to access the Redragon software to change their mouse or keyboard settings.


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In this article, I will really hit the hammer on the nail showing you why you are having this problem and how you can fix it fast.

What is Redragon software?

Redragon software is an application created by Redragon for all their gaming gadgets to change any of its settings.

Redragon manufactures several gaming gadgets such as a mouse, keyboards, headsets, and many more. Each of these gadgets has its own software that it is dedicated to.

For example,

Redragon gaming mouse has a gaming mouse software that is separate from a Redragon keyboard software.

Each gaming gadget has its own software that it is assigned to for compatibility reasons. You will be unable to use the Redragon keyboard software with a Redragon keyboard mouse because they aren’t compatible.

In addition to all this, when a Redragon software is created just for the gamin mouse, you also need to understand that each mouse has its own Redragon mouse software.

For example,

The mouse software for the M16 gaming mouse will not be compatible with the m17 gaming mouse because they don’t match.

Each Redragon mouse has its own dedicated software before you will be able to access the settings. This same thing applies to other Redragon gaming gadgets.

So if you own a Redragon gaming keyboard, you should specifically look for the Redragon keyboard software that matches your keyboard model.

Why Is Redragon Software Not Working?

There are several reasons why the Redragon software is not working with your gaming mouse or keyboard. I’ll list out some of these reasons and explain them further to get a better understanding.

1. Using The Wrong Software

There are different Redragon software dedicated to each Redragon gaming device. Using the wrong Redragon software can cause the software to not work.

Like I mentioned earlier, a particular Redragon gaming mouse has its own dedicated software to access its settings.

Using the wrong Redragon software for your gaming mouse will can your computer not to recognize your mouse.

You will need to make sure you use the exact software model that matches the model of your gaming device.


Redragon Mouse Software: Install is a simple process that can be done in 2022. Download the software from the official website and follow the instructions to install it on your computer.

2. Outdated Drivers

If your Redragon software is misbehaving, chances are that you haven’t updated your drivers. These drivers can be related to your Redragon mouse, keyboard, or headset.

Your Redragon software may not detect any of your controllers without an updated driver, so it’s essential to update them.

The best way to update your drivers will be through device manager or Windows update. Keeping your redragon driver up to date will help you enjoy some important updates that you have been missing out on.

The version of your Redragon software might have been outdated for some time now, and you may not have realized this. But, by simply updating the software, you will begin to see changes.

3. Corrupted Software

Corrupted software or application is common on Windows computers, and if this is what you are dealing with, then it makes sense why your Redragon software may not be finding your mouse or keyboard.

Corrupted software can occur when you download software from an unknown or third-party source and then installing on your computer.

This can cause several programs on your computer to malfunction and even possibly attract malware issues. Downloading from the right source is essential to avoid any risk of security or technical issues.

Redragon provides its own website as a source to download the Redragon software for your gaming devices.

If you have downloaded any software recently, you should consider uninstalling it to see if your Redragon software will start working.

4. Virus Issues

Viruses easily manipulate their way into your computer if you are reckless about where you get your programs for your computer.

When a computer is infected with any virus or malware, the computer begins to misbehave and acts strangely.

Suppose you suspect your computer may be infected. In that case, it is best to get a solid antivirus to scan and fix errors on your computer to get your redragon software working again.

5. Hardware Issue

Hardware issues can specifically be talking about your Redragon mouse or the keyboard itself or your computer.

The reason why the Redragon software may not be working on your computer may be because you have issues with your Redragon mouse or keyboard.

Your Redragon mouse or keyboard may be faulty somehow, causing your Redragon software not to recognize them.

Suppose you have had an experience where your Redragon mouse or keyboard fell to the ground. In that case, this impact might have caused your device to develop a problem.

The best way to be sure of this would be to test your redragon software with a new or different redragon device to see if it works or not.

If it works, you will know that the problem is comping from your own Redragon mouse or keyboard, but it must be something else if it doesn’t work.

6. Connection issues

Another thing you should consider is why your Redragon software is not working because you may have been misconnecting your device.

Connecting a Redragon mouse or keyboard to your computer is pretty straightforward. It can be through a wired or wireless connection.

Suppose your Redragon mouse or keyboard are a wired connection. In that case, you may want to inspect the cable properly to ensure that it isn’t damaged. Also, look closely at both ports where the cable will be connected to.

But, if your Redragon mouse or keyboard is wireless, you need to make sure that the Bluetooth connection is well established between your device and your computer.

How To Fix Redragon Software Not Working

There are several ways to fix your Redragon software and get it working again. For the sake of this article, I have provided some solid tips that will help you resolve this issue.

1. Reinstall The Redragon Software

You must get the right Redragon software for your device, and then you can install it on your computer. If you already have the software installed, consider reinstalling it and restarting your computer.

By doing this, you will help your computer recognize your Redragon mouse or keyboard much better with the help of the Redragon software.

Here’s how:

  1. Search for control panel in Windows search.
  1. Click on control panel from the results.
  1. Click on programs and features.
  1. Look for the Redragon software and uninstall it.
  1. Download the Redragon software again and install it on your computer.
  1. Now, restart your computer.
  1. Connect your Redragon device.

2. Update Drivers

Drivers are important for your Redragon software to function properly. Using an outdated drivers can cause your laptop to miss out on some important features.

The only way to correct this would be to update your Redragon keyboard or mouse driver.

Here’s how:

  1. Search for device manager through Windows search.
  1. Click on device manager among the results.
  1. Inside device manager, click on keyboard or mouse to expand its drivers. Pick any driver, depending on your device.
  1. Right-click on the first driver.
  1. Click on uninstall.
  1. Click on uninstall again when you see a pop-up box.
  1. Now, make sure you uninstall the rest of the drivers for the keyboard section.
  1. Once you are done uninstalling, restart your computer.
  1. Your driver will be reinstalled once your computer boots back up.

3. Delete Recently Installed Programs

Have you installed any program or software recently, which is the same time your Redragon software began to have issues?

If this is the case, you need to uninstall the program before your Redragon software can work properly.

You may have downloaded the program from an unknown website which must have exposed you to security or data risk.

Also, the program may have corrupted more software’s on your computer without you knowing. The best way to resolve this would be to uninstall the program.

If you really need to download and install any program, the best way to go about it would be to download from a trusted website or Microsoft store.

4. Update Windows

Just like I have mentioned since the beginning of this article, drivers are critical for your computer to recognize your devices correctly.

In this situation, I am referring to your Windows operating system. Redragon doesn’t provide its software to mac users, so this section will be primarily dedicated to Windows users.

If you use an old operating system, it is better to update a higher version like Windows 10 or 11.

Keeping your Windows operating system up to date will ensure that you have taken the right step to deal with your Redragon software.

Redragon Device Not Detected

Suppose you face a situation where your computer shows Redragon device not detected. In that case, it means that the redragon software cannot detect if you have connected any device.

The reason for this is usually caused by installing the wrong Redragon software. When you install the wrong Redragon software and connect either your Redragon mouse or keyboard, your computer will show the device not detected error because your device is not compatible with the software.

It is almost like a compatibility issue. You must install the correct software made specifically for your Redragon device.

The easiest way to know the Redragon software that is compatible with your Redragon device is by making sure they match the model of your device.

Once you install the Redragon software compatible with your device, your computer will detect your Redragon device.

Redragon Software Not Saving Settings

There are several reasons why your Redragon software won’t save settings. The primary reason is when something gets corrupt.

You should inspect closely at drivers in the device manager and the Redragon software. You should update all the keyboard and mouse drivers in your device manager and then restart your computer.

If that doesn’t work, then you should uninstall and reinstall the Redragon software on your computer to see if that will make any changes.

The ultimate way for the Redragon software to save your settings would be to reset your Redragon deice and then try to save the settings.

Redragon Software Not Downloading

All Redragon software are available on the Redragon website for free download. If you cannot download, you may want to consider checking your internet connection or storage space.

Internet connection plays a vital role for you to download the Redragon software successfully online.

Without a proper internet connection,. You won’t be able to download the software. Also, you should consider checking your storage space.

There’s a chance that your computer is actually trying to download the Redragon software. Still, it is unable to because you have a low storage space.

Simply clear out or create storage on your computer before downloading the Redragon software.

Suppose you are facing a situation whereby there’s no available download for the Redragon software for your device. In that case, it means you won’t be able to download it because it is not available.

You will have to be patient until they post the redragon software for your device.

Redragon Software Not Finding Mouse

There are several reasons why the Redragon software won’t find your mouse. The primary cause of this is usually caused by the improper connection, or the Redragon software is not compatible with your mouse.

The first thing you should do is connect your Redragon mouse correctly to your computer. Depending on your device, the connection might be through a wired cable or wireless connection.

Whichever your mouse is using, just make sure you inspect the connection properly to know if there’s a connection issue.

Suppose you find out that your connection is fine. In that case, you may want to reinstall the Redragon software because it is not compatible with your Redragon mouse.

You should download the Redragon software that is compatible with your Redragon mouse from the website and then install it on your computer.

Redragon Software Not Opening

In a situation where the Redragon software is not opening, it means the Redragon software is not compatible with your laptop.

MAC users complain the most about how the Redragon software refuses to open on their computer.

This is because the Redragon software doesn’t support MAC computers. It doesn’t look like there will be any changes soon as Redragon primarily creates their software for Windows computers.

Suppose you are using a Windows computer and the Redragon software is not opening. In that case, you should download the Redragon software that is compatible with your computer.

You should uninstall the previous software before installing the new Redragon software.

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