What Keyboard Does Bugha Use: Bugha’s Keyboard In 2023?

Bugha Is a Fortnite world cup champion, and everyone is curious about the keyboard he uses to get him to that level of status. Many of his fans admire his level of expertise in Fortnite, looking forward to being a Fortnite expert like his status. So, what keyboard does Bugha use?

Bugha currently uses the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical gaming keyboard with adjustable switches and a RGB backlit, which is one of the world’s fastest mechanical keyboards. Bugha uses this keyboard with OmniPoint switches which gives him a quicker response time better than a standard mechanical keyboard.

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Let’s dive in and inspect more about what makes SteelSeries Apex Pro special and why Bugha would choose is this as his favorite keyboard.

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Bugha’s Keyboard Review: Inside Look at the SteelSeries Apex Pro

When playing games like Fortnite, you must have a solid gaming keyboard and Bugha surely knows this, which is why he could become a Fortnite world cup champion.

The SteelSeries Apex Pro is the keyboard Bugha chose to, and you may spot him using it when he’s streaming on twitch.

A simple glance at the SteelSeries Apex Pro, and you will know that it is a huge keyboard and not something you want to be moving around in a bag all the time.

With over 2 pounds, this doesn’t stop Bugha from using this killer gaming keyboard to achieve his Fortnite success. He knew why he chose this keyboard, and that’s what we want to look at.

Looking at the SteelSeries Apex Pro gaming keyboard, there are five points to look at why it stands out among the rest of the other gaming keyboards.

OmniPoint Adjustable Switches: Not everyone is familiar with the OmniPoint switches on a gaming keyboard, but the SteelSeries Apex Pro gaming keyboard comes with it.

So what exactly is the OmniPoint switch?

The OmniPoint switch is a much faster, more accurate, and durable type of switch. Using the OmniPoint switch on the SteelSeries keyboard will give you a 0.7ms response time, the fastest switch available on a keyboard.

It has a 0.4mm actuation point. A keypress is registered after its travel, which can also handle over 100 million keypresses to further show how durable this gaming keyboard is.

OLED Smart Display: It is not every day that you find a gaming keyboard that comes with an OLED display. Bugha needed all the comfort he could get from a keyboard, so he picked the SteelSeries Apex Pro with an OLED smart display.

With the OLED display, you won’t have to tab out everything you are doing, but let your SteelSeries keyboard show you all the important details right there on the keyboard.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum: Not everyone knows this, but the overall built quality of a keyboard can affect the gaming experience.

Bugha surely knows this, so he chose the SteelSeries gaming keyboard built with Aircraft grade Aluminum.

It comes with the series 5000 metal frame and is manufactured to last forever without breaking or rusting.

RGB: What is a gaming keyboard without RGB lighting? The SteelSeries Apex Pro takes RBG lighting on a whole new level.

It has an unmatched RGB illumination customizable with 16.8 million colours per key. This basically means that you can’t run out of keyboard color customization.

Magnetic Wrist Rest: All top rated gaming keyboard comes with a wrist rest, but not every one of them comes with a magnetic wrist rest.

Bugha chose the SteelSeries keyboard because it has a premium magnet wrist rest that securely attaches to the keyboard and offers full palm support.

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Why Bugha Chose The SteelSeries Apex Pro For Gaming?

Bugha streams heavily on twitch, and he’s a Fortnite master who went ahead to win the first Fortnite world cup champion. You can expect that he has reasons why he chose the SteelSeries apes Pro and not other types of gaming keyboard.

Bugha clearly went for comfort, speed and accuracy, which is exactly what a person would need to win a Fortnite tournament.

A gamer, you will need all the comfort you can get to stay concentrated more in the game and be less distracted.

When looking at gaming experience, the SteelSeries is compatible with a Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox One, comes with an adjustable actuation while you are gaming. With this actuation, you can set different actions for different actuation.

Trying out the middle actuation settings will make the keyboard less sensitive whenever you click on the keys. This means that you have to be more intentional when clicking on any key, which is perfect for games like middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Higher actuation settings mean the keyboard will be much more sensitive. Most expert gamers prefer this, especially when playing games like GTA V.

Another point to why Bugha chose this gaming keyboard is how it makes changing your Profile and settings very easy. The OLED screen made this is possible, and it can display the timeout, brightness, brightness and lock indicator.

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What Makes The SteelSeries Apex Pro Special?

To know what makes the SteelSeries Apex Pro so special for Bugha is to closely look at the Pros and the cons.


  • Adjustable pre-travel distance
  • Full RGB backlight.
  • Premium typing quality
  • Quality built design


  • It has no dedicated micro keys
  • Dust magnetic wrist rest.

One special thing about the SteelSeries Apex Pro is that even Bugha himself would agree with the RGB backlighting. It’s just on another level on this killer gaming keyboard.

The RGB pops out uniquely brilliantly and illuminates the chassis beautifully. This simply stuck me at a glance, and now I can’t take my eyes off.

Looking at it from a distance with the RGB turn on, you will notice how the lights emit towards the keys from the bottom to illuminate them more vividly.

The RGB configuration gets me the most configuring through the OLED display. Suppose you prefer configuring the RGB on your computer instead. In that case, you can take advantage of the SteelSeries Engine 3, which is a free software that you can download online.

Now, configuring the style of the RGB isn’t something you will find on a regular gaming keyboard because these configurations are more advanced. You are free to go through all the configurations and test out which you will prefer to create your own gaming experience.

What Is Bugha’s Old Keyboard?

After a little built of research here and there, the internet shows that Bugha’s old keyboard is the Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard.

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This mechanical keyboard isn’t your average mechanical keyboard because it has some Pro features that Bugha definitely understands.

It is primarily built for esport gamers on a competitive level to offer speed, precision, and optimum performance. A portable gaming mechanical keyboard coming with durable GX blue switches to deliver solid keypresses.

You can highlight each key using light sync to create cool colour patterns on the keyboard. And it comes with a detachable micro USB if you want to go wireless.

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