What Keyboard Does Clix Use: Clix’s Keyboard In 2023?

Looking at all the top Fortnite players, it is safe to conclude that Clix is a high-profile gamer among them. He regularly shows his Fortnite expertise through his Twitch streaming time, which has made people curious to know exactly what keyboard he uses.

Clix uses the Matrix Elite Series 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with swappable gateron switches used by esport professional players.

Clix has over 4 million Twitch followers. His uploaded videos banging over thousands of views within short periods of time further shows he isn't just any online celebrity but a popular pro Fortnite gamer.

Clix's personal keyboard has gotten him to where he is. In this article, we are going to reveal what makes the Matrix Elite Series Mechanical gaming keyboard unique and why it's his favorite.

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What Keyboard Does Clix Use?

Clix uses the Matrix Elite Series 60% Mechanical Keyboard, a powerful gaming keyboard specifically for pro gamers.

The Matrix Elite mechanical gaming keyboard comes with several pro features that Clix understands and is taking advantage of.

Some of these pro features are what we will look at to know why this is Clix's favorite keyboard that carried him to his level of status.

The first thing to look at in this gaming keyboard is the keycaps. It comes with durable PBT Doubleshot backlit keycaps designed to resist friction, wear, and solvent.

It has one of the brightest and most luminous RGB lightings on a mechanical gaming keyboard that can vividly illuminate the keycaps and the chassis.

The Matrix Elite Series 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is thoroughly water-resistant and can handle almost all kinds of accidental water spills.

It comes along with a Type C to a Type A USB cable which will help in a faster connection so that your computer can register your keypress quicker.

What Switches Does Clix Use?

Clix Uses the Gateron switch, which comes along with the Matrix Elite Series 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard by default.

The gateron switch may give you the best performance and ultimate gaming experience because of the technology used underneath the keycaps. Although, the feeling might vary from user to user because everyone has their keyboard switch taste.

Clix may use the blue, speed silver, brown, red, or optical yellow switches because these are all the switches the gateron switch offers. So depending on the switch you are used to, you have a bunch of keyboard switches to pick from.

The Keycaps underneath the keyboard switch are the PBT Doubleshot, giving you one of the best comforts when gaming and durable enough to last for a lifetime.

The RGB lights also do the keyboard switch justice in how it illuminates the keyboard switch making it look more vivid and stand out.

What Pink Keyboard Does Clix Use?

If you have been following Clix on his stream on Twitch, you will notice that he uses a specific pink keyboard which appears to be a mystery for some people.

I'm here to reveal that mystery to let you know that Twitch uses the Clix's Cotton Candy Pink Matrix Keyboard.

Clix's Pink keyboard is limited in stock and is currently unavailable because it was a promotional product during Christmas.

Although this Clix Pink keyboard may not be currently available, you should understand that it comes with a Pro feature which Is why it is now sold out.

The features are very similar to the Matrix Elite Series 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The only difference is the color and the name.

It comes along with a PBT Doubleshot pudding backlit keycaps, which is solid enough to handle millions of keypresses. It also comes with the gateron switches that offer red, blue, brown, and speed silver.

Clix's pink keyboard is water resistant and can handle accidental water spills to avoid damaging the keyboard. The switches on Clix pink keyboard are Hot-swappable switches which is the ideal standard on a mechanical keyboard.

Clix’s Keyboard Review: Inside Look at the Matrix Elite Series 60% Mechanical Keyboard

The Matrix Elite Series 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is an excellent mechanical keyboard made primarily for professional gamers to improve their overall gaming experience.

With how it improves a gamer gaming experience, it introduces a certain comfort level to the gamer when gaming.

The only downside I've noticed with the Matrix Elite Series 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is that it doesn't come with an armrest. But if you decide to purchase an arm wrest to use it with the keyboard, you will get even more comfort while gaming.

Clix definitely knows what he saw in this keyboard, and we can summarize it with some pros ad cons.


  • Vivid RBG
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable Keycaps
  • Gateron Switches


  • No armrest
  • 61 keys

This keyboard is compatible with PS5, Windows, and all Xbox series, so you can be confident when you purchase it. It comes in either black or white, and unfortunately, there's no other color you can get it in.

If you would like a different color, the best advice would be to purchase it and then customize it with your preferred, colored keycap. But if you don't like that idea, you can simply use the RGB to customize each key to your specific color which will be much cooler.

The most exciting thing about the Matrix Elite Series 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the swappable gateron switches.

These switches were designed to handle tough situations like friction and key presses for the gamer to be assured and confident that nothing can go wrong when gaming. The manufacturers had pro gamers in mind, so they added so many pro features.

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