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Why Is My Taskbar Not Hiding? Reasons and Solutions

You could be asking yourself why is my taskbar not hiding? There are simple reasons for this and they are not complicated at all but are there to guide you on what to do to help fix your taskbar problem.

If you keep reading this article, I’m going to show you why the taskbar on your computer is refusing to hide especially when in Fullscreen, while you are playing a game and while you are watching a YouTube video.

The taskbar is a part of Windows 10 and can also develop some issues once in a while but, the cool thing here is that this particular taskbar issue can be fixed.

I won’t take much of your time so i’ll jump right into it.

Here are the reasons,

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1. You Haven’t Hidden Your Taskbar

taskbar in windows settings

This is the most common step I found out a lot of people miss before they start complaining about their taskbar not hiding.

For your taskbar to hide, you would have to auto-hide your taskbar in the first place before you expect it to hide while you are using your computer.

When you auto-hide your taskbar, the taskbar will automatically hide anytime you are not paying attention to it.

If you know you haven’t hidden your taskbar, here’s a guide to hiding taskbar on Windows 10 that you should get started with.

Now, if you know you are in a situation whereby you have already hidden the taskbar in Windows settings but for some reason, the taskbar is still not hiding, here’s a guide to fix taskbar not hiding.

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Please make sure you attend to any of those guides wherever needed before proceeding to the next reason.

2. You Have a Notification

notifications and actions

If you are in a situation where you have already hidden the taskbar but your taskbar still won’t hide, then it means you have a program notification.

A program on your computer seeks your attention from the taskbar.

Here’s what I’m trying to say,

When you get a notification from apps like OneDrive, skype or chrome, your taskbar stays open because it requires your attention.

In most cases, the taskbar won’t automatically hide back by itself.

the only way you can get the taskbar to auto-hide again is if you go and attend to the notification you got or you can simply click on an empty space on your desktop to make the taskbar hide.

Common apps like the example I gave won’t give you much trouble when you get a notification from them.

You can only have this type of taskbar problem if you have installed some third-party programs that are not totally compatible with the version of Windows you are using.

It’s ok if you can’t tell which third party program is causing the problem, a simple way to find out is to try to remember the time you started to have issues with your taskbar and then you can trace the program you installed before that time.

Once you find the program, you should uninstall the program to resolve your taskbar problem.

Another simple way is to simply turn off all program notification on your computer and then turn them on one after the other to find the culprit or you can just leave all notification off.

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3. Your Mouse Cursor Is on The Taskbar

This is common mistake most people make.

If you have hidden your taskbar already and it’s not hiding, there is a chance that your mouse cursor is stuck on the taskbar for too long.

When taskbar is set to auto hide, the only time you can only preview the taskbar is when you drag your mouse pointer towards the taskbar to reveal it and if you want to hide it again, you take the mouse pointer away from the taskbar.

Don’t worry, I’ll explain better

cursor on taskbar

Take the above animation as an example.

Note that, the only time the taskbar is displayed longer is because the mouse pointer is still on it and the taskbar only hides when I take the mouse cursor off the taskbar.

The longer the mouse cursor remains on the taskbar, the longer the taskbar is displayed.

Clearly, it’s unusual that your mouse cursor would remain on your taskbar for too long but, if you are facing an issue with your mouse, you can fix with this guide to change your mouse sensitivity.

4. Windows Update

There are two possible things involved in this:

It’s either your Windows are not up to date or you started having the taskbar problem after your Windows was updated without you being aware.

Let me explain,

There’s a possibility that your taskbar settings have been reset due to a recent Windows update.

You should only take this seriously if you are sure you have changed you are sure you hid the taskbar in Windows settings.

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If you did, all you have to do is to hide the taskbar again.

If you don’t know how, use the guide I provided in the first reason.

The second possibility is that your windows is outdated and require an update. Check out this guide to show you the best way to keep your apps and windows updated.

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