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Why Is My Taskbar White? Windows 10 fix

There are certain reasons why your taskbar has turned white on your computer. These reasons will be shown in this article if you read till the end.

Sometimes, the taskbar doesn’t stop at turning white but can be frozen also. A situation like this can be frustrating if you have no idea what to do to restore it back to normal.

Windows 10 is filled with cool features and at the same time, comes with problems that can be challenging to deal with sometimes.

Here are some hand picked taskbar related customization guides worth checking out:

Now, let’s jump right to it.

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1. Not responding

There’s a chance your taskbar isn’t responding due to multiple requests to open a program on your computer.

For example,

If you try to open a program multiple times because the program refuses to respond to your first request, this can lead your entire system to freeze and your taskbar to go white.

A simple way to resolve this is to uninstall the program causing your taskbar to turn white.

Another way is to simple be patient for the taskbar to resolve itself or you can just restart your computer.

2. Walpaper

There’s a feature in windows 10 that picks a color from your wallpaper for your theme color.

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So, if you have a bright or white wallpaper on your computer, windows 10 will change your taskbar to a bright or white colour.

A simple way you can resolve this is to change your wallpaper to a darker image or and image that has less white in it.

Let me show you how you can restore your white taskbar back to normal.

How to Fix White Taskbar on Windows 10

Here’s how,

1. Change Taskbar Color

Since your taskbar is already white, you can easily solve your problem by changing the color of your taskbar to something else.

Here’s how to change taskbar colour,

1. Right-click on an empty area on your desktop and select personalize among the options.

personalize from desktop

2. Click on colors by your left hand side.

colors in windows settings

3. In the windows colors area, pick a color of your choice. If you can’t find the color you are looking for, click on custom color.

windows color pallette

4. Scroll down to the show accent color on the following surfaces area and turn on start, taskbar, and action center by checking the box.

show accent color

5. Preview your taskbar to view the color you just changed it to.

2. Switch to Dark Mode

In Windows 10, there’s both light and dark mode.

Obviously, if your computer is set to light mode, everything on your computer will become white giving you this black text on a white background theme but, if your computer is set to dark mode, everything becomes black and you get the white text on a black background theme.

Switching to dark mode will surely turn your white taskbar to a dark taskbar.

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Here’s how

1. Right-click on your taskbar and select taskbar settings.


2. Click on the colors tab by your left hand side.

colors in windows settings

3. In the colors section, change your color to dark under choose your color.

windows 10 dark mode

Now, your taskbar will be changed from white to black.

If you don’t want a black colored taskbar, you can change by picking any color you want in the windows colors section.

If you want to go further to make other things dark on windows 10, you should check out this guide to switch to Windows 10 night mode or night light.

3. Change Your Wallpaper to Something Darker

Windows 10 has this feature that automatically picks an accent color from the image you use as your wallpaper and use that particular color as the theme color on your computer,.

For example,

If you use an image that is bright or has too much white in it as your wallpaper, Windows 10 will automatically pick a white color for your theme because the image has a lot of white in it.

So, if your taskbar is white, you should consider using a darker wallpaper.

You can check out Unsplash dark wallpapers to find cool images to use for your desktop background.

Windows 10 gives you the option to turn off the automatic picking of accent colors which means you are free to use white wallpaper and then just changing your taskbar color to something else in windows colors.

Here’s how you can turn it off,

Simply uncheck automatically pick accent color from my background in colors settings.

automatically pick accent color from background

4. Change Region

Here’s how,

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1. Open windows settings with the following command:

Windows key + I
windows settings

2. Click on time & language.

time and language windows settings

3. Select region by your left hand side.

region in windows settings

4. In country and region sections, change the region to any country Cortana isn’t available. Here are some examples to pick from:

  • Taiwan
  • Samoa
  • Gabon
  • Senegal
change country in windows settings

5. Click on the windows key on your keyboard to reveal start menu.

windows key on keyboard

6. Select your user account.

user account in start menu

7. Click on sign out.

sign out user account

8. Log back in to windows.

9. Change your region back to your default country by using the steps from the beginning.

5. Registry Editor

Here’s how,

1. Open run box with the following command:

Windows key + R
run box in windows

2. Type the following into run box and hit enter on your keyboard:

regedit in run box

3. Copy and paste the following into the search box in registry editor to jump directly to the path.

registry editor search box

4. In the name section by your right-hand side, double-click on value.

registry editor value

5. Change the value from 1 to 0.

edit registry value

6. Click on ok.

save registry value

7. Restart your computer.

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