How To Keep Your Windows Pc And Apps Up To Date

Your computer needs to be updated regularly for apps to respond properly and avoid security breaches from attackers.

There are so many features to take advantage of on windows 10 to get more performance and fewer issues on your computer.

Before I share with you how to update your windows and apps, let me share with you the reasons why your windows and apps need to be up to date.

Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Windows PC and Apps Up to Date

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Here are the reasons,

1. Protect Your System from Malicious Software

Attackers are working day and night to get access in to people’s computer. They are only able to achieve this when your windows and apps is outdated.

Let me explain how

When windows release an update, attackers create a kind of software or bug that can penetrate that version of windows.

When Microsoft is aware of this breach, they release a new update that can block that software or bug created by the attacker.

So, if your computer hasn’t been updated to that newest update released by Microsoft, it means you are highly vulnerable to hackers.

2. Resolve General Windows Issues and Bugs

Bugs are very annoying and can take some time to be discovered. When Microsoft release an update, windows users install that update and along the line, they could discover a bug and report to Microsoft.

The moment Microsoft is aware of this bug or issue, they begin to work on a solution to fix that bug.

Once they are done fixing the bug or issue, they release that solution through an update.

When Microsoft users install the update, they won’t have issues with the bug anymore and for those users that didn’t install that update, they will still have that bug on their computer unless they update.


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Also be aware that when your computer has issues or a bug, it could make your computer vulnerable for attackers to leverage on.

3. Access New Windows & Software Features

Microsoft often introduce new features, while also fixing some known issues through windows update.

For example, Internet Explorer

Even if you are not planning on using the software, you should still have to run the updates because they often come with important improvements and you may end up being forced to use the software after all.

However, Microsoft will eventually stop support for outdated software, e.g. old versions of Internet Explorer.

This simply means that if new vulnerabilities are discovered, they will not be patched because users are expected to run the latest version of the application.

Now that you have an understanding why you should update your windows and apps,

Let me show you the major aspect to keep your computer up to date.

Major Aspect of Your Windows PC and Apps to Keep Up to Date

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There are three major aspect of your windows pc and apps you need to keep up to date

1. Windows.

Windows Update will be used to update your windows. It can automatically download and install the latest update for you.

This way, your computer will update to the latest version of windows all by itself.

2. Third-Party Apps.

Third-party apps are applications you installed manually on your computer.

There some third-party tools that can help you update third-party apps on your computer.

However, some third-party apps have an inbuilt updater.

3. Hardware Drivers. 

This refers to all the hardware components built inside your system that requires update.

The best way to update your hardware drivers is through your computer brand official website.

For example,

If you own an HP computer, you must download your hardware drivers from HP official website.

Now you have also understood the aspect on your computer that needs to be updated

Let’s get into how you can always keep your computer ???? up to date.

Steps to Keep Windows PC and Apps Up to Date

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This method is applicable for windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

1. Update Windows

Here’s how to update your windows PC with windows update software

  1. Locate your windows logo located at your bottom right-hand corner of your screen and search for windows update settings.
  2. Click on windows update settings among the results shown to you
  3. While in windows update settings, click on check for updates
  4. If you have updates available, make sure you click on download and install
  5. Once your computer is done downloading and installing, restart your computer.

If you want your computer to update windows automatically for you,

Here’s how to set your windows update to download and install automatically on your computer,

  1. Locate your windows logo located at your bottom right-hand corner of your screen and search for windows update settings.
  2. Click on windows update settings among the results shown to you
  3. While in windows update settings, click on advance option
  4. In advance option, you should turn these options on >>
    • Receive update for other Microsoft product when you update windows
    • Download update over metered connection
    • Restart this device as soon as possible when a restart is required to install update
    • Show a notification when your PC requires a restart to finish updating.

2. Update Third-party Apps

Some third-party apps have built-in updaters that automatically check for new updates and notify you so that you can download and install them.

To check for update on a third-party app on your computer

  1. Run the Application
  2. Among tools at your upper-right hand corner, Find check for update
  3. Once you locate check for update among the options, click on check for update
  4. If updates are available, make sure you download and install the updates
  5. If there are no updates, it means that version of that application is up to date

For Third-party applications that don’t have a built-in updater, you want to do this manually

Here’s how

  1. Go to the application’s official website
  2. Navigate to their download section
  3. In this section you should see the latest version of that application
  4. If your version of the application on your computer is outdated, then you want to download or update from the website
  5. After downloading, Install the application and restart your computer

3. Update hardware drivers

You can update your hardware drivers either through device manager or downloading the drivers from your computer brand official website.

Let’s start with device manager

Here’s how to update your hardware drivers with device manager

  1. Click on your Windows logo key and search for device manager
  2. Run device manager from the results
  3. When it opens, locate the driver you want to update, and click on the drop-down
  4. Depending on the number of drivers in the drop-down list, you will have to update everything.
  5. Now Right-click on one the drivers and click update
  6. A message will be revealed asking you how you want to search for your drivers, choose Search automatically for updated driver software.
  7. Now, hold on for windows to search for your drivers automatically
  8. If your drivers are not up to date, update your drivers and then restart your computer.

Here’s how to update your hardware drivers from your computer brand official website

  1. Go to Google and type >> “Brand name” driver download. For example, type hp driver download on google
  2. Click on search
  3. Look closely at the link and check for the result that has your answer. It is usually the first result.
  4. Now that you are in your computer brand website, you want to select your computer either by entering your model number, serial number, or service tag.
  5. After selecting your computer, you should see a list of drivers you can download on your computer
  6. Download the driver you want
  7. Install it on your computer
  8. Then restart your computer


To summarize, you need to update your computer to avoid being vulnerable to hackers and to get important updates and features.

The three major aspect on your windows pc you want to keep up to date are

Windows, third party apps and hardware drivers

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